Vampire Diary: A Werewolf Carol

Dear Diary,

It is the time of year for tradition and feasts. It is a time of celebrations and gatherings. It is a time for stories told over and over.

When I was a child, at Yuletide I would ask to be told the story of The Werewolf Billig Shooshow and the Three Demons.

Billig Shooshow was a large man with golden brown eyes, and dark glossy hair. He was a powerful and a wealthy man, but because of his greed and cunning he knew nothing of love or the comforts of friends and family. Billig Shooshow was also a lone Werewolf – one who did not run with a pack.

One night while he was alone in his mansion a ghost flew through Billig Shooshow’s window. It was a large half man, half wolf covered in large traps like jaws of steel.

The ghost howled, “These are the traps that caught me during life. If perhaps your throat is ripped out tonight, or you are stabbed by a sliver knife blade, or you are burned to death, you will haunt the world covered in ten times more traps than I have. You might say that is not a bad thing, because I know you are a strange one, but it is a bad thing because the traps pull and tug at not only your flesh and fur, but at your heart and soul. You do not want that. On the other hand your soul is so dead already that you might not feel a thing. A Werewolf with a dead soul is a pathetic thing.”

It was Billig Schooshow’s dead partner Alexi Growling. After much banter, insults, and snarls, Billig Scooshow said, “You are a big douche and need to go. I never liked you when you were alive and I like you even less now you are dead.”

Alexi Growling said, “Billig Scooshow, you might still yet be saved. Tonight you will be visited by three demons. They will teach you valuable lessons. Believe me, for once I tell you the truth.”

Then the ghost of Alexi Growling vanished in a puff of sulphur and wet dog smell.

Billig Schooshow sat in his large stinky chair and waited. He did not wait for long. A blinding light came into the room. A large white wolf was snarling in his face, then she transformed into a beautiful woman in a white gown trimmed with fur.

“I am the demon of your past Christmas. Come with me Billig Scooshow, and I will show you things.”

He took her hand and they flew high above the land. Then she brought him to a house where he was a young man, barely out of childhood and not a wolf. His father was beating him. Young Billig thought he would die, then a large black wolf came into the house and grabbed Billig and took him to the forest, then tore his neck. Billig woke from the ordeal and found himself running and running under the full moon in the form of a wolf. He was happy and free.

That night he howled with the pack and found his new home. Elaina the daughter of the black wolf was sleek and gray. In the morning she lay beside him, as a warm beautiful woman. Billig made love to her and told her that he would stay with her forever.

Billig soon became a successful man. There was no time to howl at the moon – only time to kill. As a man he found money and power was more important than his pack. He would rather be a lone wolf who took only for himself, than run with others.

Elaina said to him, “You no longer run under the moon. You no longer run with me. I will no longer submit to your horrible growls or bites. You could do great things with your wealth but you do nothing. You live a cold life. You are a cold man. Goodbye Billig.” On the way out she peed on his front door mat.

Billig Shooshow asked, “Demon, why do you show me these painful memories?”

The Demons showed him her sharp teeth. “Because Billig Shooshow, you have not learned from your past. Now sleep before I slap you across your hateful face.”

At the chime of the clock Billig Shooshow woke from a horrible dream, but it was not a dream for the second demon was standing before him. The demon was tall with broad shoulders, pale white skin, long black hair, and a smile that was as white as fresh snow. He was dressed in a great coat made of furs of many animals, with a giant flask, and a goblet of gold.

The demon laughed. “Billig Shooshow, I am the demon of the Full Moon. Tonight I will show you what you are missing alone here in your house.”

The Full Moon demon took Billig Shooshow by the hand and flew out the window. First they landed in the woods where his pack was having a party. Everyone was laughing and having a good time, until someone mentioned Billig Shooshow.

A female with a woman’s body, and a wolf tail and ears, stood in the middle of the circle. “My man works for Billig Shooshow. The old ogre makes my husband Hob work day and night with no time off, not even for a full moon run. Our youngest Tiny Peter, the runt of the litter is sick, but Hob still works on for Billig Shooshow without enough pay to give our poor runt the food and medicine he needs. Soon I know our runt will be dead and Hob will still remain chained to his desk. We starve while Billig Shooshow sits alone in the dark counting the money he will never spend. I spit on Billig Shooshow.

The demon of the Full Moon looked at Billig Shooshow and said, “You are a bad boy. A very bad dog. Then the demon laughed and threw Billig Shooshow against the wall.

Billig Shooshow opened his eyes and saw the third demon, the demon of No Moon. It was a huge wolf with shape pointed teeth, huge claws, and the blue eyes of a man.

It said, “Billig Shooshow look,” and pointed out the window. There hanging from a tree was a large black wolf, with Billig Shooshow’s golden brown eyes. Half a dozen men came and skinned the wolf alive then hung it’s flesh over a fire. It turned into a man with no skin. It was Billig Shooshow. His eyes went around and around on his fleshless face.

Billig Shooshow screamed. Then he found himself alone in his own bed. His skin smelled of smoke.

Opening the window he saw a boy and yelled, “Boy, what day is it?”

The boy said, “It is the Holy Day of the Feast of Saint Nicholas.”

Billig Shooshow turned into a wolf and said, “come boy, ride on my back and I will show you wonderful things.” The boy hopped on his back and Billig Shooshow took him to the home of his worker Hob. Hob’s family was overjoyed and ate the boy. They would not go hungry and without a feast.

Werewolves everywhere were amazed at the changes in Billig Shooshow. He was now a wolf who not only ran with the pack, but led the pack under each and every full moon.

~ Vlad


Dear Diary,

I asked my love Gillian if she thought the children of my neighborhood would like to hear the story of Billig Shooshow.

Gillian said, “Vlad, do not tell them that story.” She rolled her eyes and would not explain why. I will trust her judgment. I will find another story.

~ Vlad


Dear Diary,

Today I put up black lights for the holiday. But the lights are purple and make colors change. I like these black lights.

~ Vlad


Dear Diary,

I am thinking of getting a red suit. Then again, black is more my color. We will see. We will see.

~ Vlad






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