Friendships Change with Children (Even for Vampires)

Precious child 1850's

Precious child 1850’s

“There were friends I was always there for. I was there for them. I was there for their kids. Then a century later when I had my children they were gone. Just gone. We were too much trouble. Don’t even get me started on my childless friends. I know the whole Vampire mystique thing but they didn’t have to be rude about it.”

I listened to my sister-in-law Verity vent. Her children are grown, more or less. My nephew graduated from Law School in 2016, and my niece is in her last year of Graduate School. Verity and my brother Aaron had been together for over a hundred years when they started their family.

I know how she feels. We’ve all had friendships change in unexpected ways when we suddenly get married, or have children.

Felicity continued. “If I’d converted someone, no problem. They would have all been there helping and giving advice. But having my own baby is cause for them to all disown me. Or they adore other people’s kids but treat me as if we’re trolls. My kids were darling and always well behaved.”

She was right. Her kids were darling and well behaved. As adults they are still darling and well behaved. She went on some more about absent friends and family. I don’t have an answer for her. I just listen. I can speculate on the behavior of others but that is all – just speculate. Sometimes it is just the wrong time or place. You now live far apart. Your friends have more demanding jobs and nobody sees them. Sometimes it is jealousy. Sometimes it is just the fact that they don’t want to be around our rare Vampire children for reasons they aren’t going to share. They don’t want to hear about babies, or school, or all the things kids do. They don’t feel comfortable being around small new people who do strange and sometimes annoying things. Sometimes there is no reason. The way it is all uneven sometimes makes no sense to us, but it might make sense to someone else. Or sometimes it just is what it is, and like a lot of things there is no reason.

“But I was always there for them,” Verity said again.

One would think Vampires would have it all figured out but in a lot of ways we’re just like the rest. Then again, when we have kids we change too. I don’t care if you’re a Vampire, a Werewolf, or just a Regular Human – all of your priorities change when children come into your life.

Verity is always so calm and cool, like my brother Aaron, so I was kind of surprised. It is kind of something most parents never talk about.

And that’s it for today. I have no answers this morning. Just reports of rain, and coffee. I have a lot of coffee. All you want.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


And THIS is what happens when you give your kids a five pound bag of sugar and a spoon.

And THIS is what happens when you give your kids a five pound bag of sugar and a spoon.

5 thoughts on “Friendships Change with Children (Even for Vampires)

    • Things change, even with death, divorce, or even career changes, and some can’t handle it, or don’t want to. But others stay with you forever no matter what gets added to the mix. And sometimes we just get busy and have to all go up to a cabin in the woods, or a beach house to regroup and catch up. Sigh. Yep.


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