We’re Marching Today

Later this morning my seventeen year old daughter and I will head downtown to the steps of the California State Capitol for the Women’s March Rally.

My twenty year old son will be going to an event with his college friends at another university town.

Earlier this morning, around 5:30 a.m. my brother Val stopped by for coffee and a chat. He will also be there today with his friend Lilly, and a few others in his circle.

Val looked like any other exceptionally well-groomed and charming hipster to his friends. They know he is different but has no idea he is a socially aware, involved, evolved, and active 158 year old Vampire. Not that it should make any difference to anyone. I admit to some people it would be uncomfortable, but hey, you know, we’re not going anywhere.

Many of our friends will be there – friends of all backgrounds, ages, beliefs, and biology.

Now is the time, as one journalist put it, “we can’t let ourselves be held prisoner in the basement of a Hobby Lobby.”

We can’t let our hearts, or our minds be held prisoner anywhere.

Val is charming, but can be objective and cold. That said, he has been an advocate for the homeless, and mentally ill. As with all of my family, he has always been an advocate for equal rights for women, and the LGBT community since before there were any rights for women, or LGBT people.

So we’re talking over coffee this morning and Val had a few thoughts. “You’ve been fighting this battle for so long. The forces of evil are trying to undo all that has been accomplished. We must keep fighting. I’m with you all the way. We are not the evil ones. Vampires and Werewolves, and things that live in the night are not what people need to fear. It is their own kind that they must rally against.”

I listened to him for a while, preaching to the choir. That was alright. Like I said, he is usually pretty cold and unemotional about these things. Val is always the nice guy who gets along with everyone. Today there is a cold resolve in his eyes. He sees beyond what is, and sees what could be. He sees what has been in the past and knows there is no such thing as the good old days.

I’ll have an update on today’s events later today, or tonight.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman




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