Clarification (or Hairification)

My husband Teddy has dark brown hair. His eyes are brown but he can change them to blue when he wants to.

Vlad the Vampire King, of Vlad’s Vampire Diary, is blonde with blue eyes. It is a honey blonde, not the pale blonde like the Ancient Vampire Tellias.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Mama

2 thoughts on “Clarification (or Hairification)

  1. THIS really pisses me off. What the FUCK do you think you are doing putting ALL OF THIS in the comments section of my blog. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. Your comment will be removed and put in my SPAM filter. If you would like me to read your work all you have to do is ask. DO NOT post it on one of my blog posts without my permission.

  2. Please do not leave short stories in my blog comments unless you ASK my permission first. I will delete any un-approved stories without reading them. Those stories will go into my SPAM filter. If you would like me to read one of your stories, and maybe even share it, if I think it is good enough, please ask first, unless you like to hear me spew all kinds of choice swear words.
    ~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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