Bird Song, Lost Keys, and Sleep – Morning Musings

Before the sun even comes up I can hear the birds going about their own business. First there are the mocking birds and other odd lone birds who cry out in the night. Then the owls. Always the owls. Right before dawn the gulls, the tiny song birds, the hawk, the eagles, and crows welcome in the morning. And of course there are chickens when the weather is warm, but it isn’t warm today with the landscape covered in frost and ice.

The world is waking up. My daughter has a half hour to get to class and will no doubt get there just as it starts. Her father is asleep. I’m in that state of both asleep and awake.

Sleep once again has played tricks on me and treated me badly. I can’t curl up in a crypt or a darkened room, or anyplace and rest. Sleep hates me. The Sandman mocks me. Sweet dreams are just a faint memory, as if I ever had any sweet dreams.

My cats tell me that sleeping is easy. They curl up next to me to show me how it is done.

My dog comes up to me for attention, almost knocks over my coffee, then yawns and curls up on her bed.

We also had a frantic search for keys. One should never move keys that belong to another, but in my house it happens all the time. The teen took my car after much reluctance.

And I’m still not awake but not asleep, but will soon be awake. Maybe.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


  1. Keys seem to have lives of their own. I don’t think it’s other people moving them, I think they move themselves when you’re not looking. Like Toy Story, but with keys instead of toys.

  2. I’m afraid if I get one of those intelligent key chains that tells you where it it, it will get together with my phone and take all the socks for a drive and I’ll never see any of them again. Oh, wait, I never see any of them anyway.

    I hope you get some sleep. I sympathize.

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