The Girl in the Mirror

New from Canadian Horror Writer Mandy White.

A story well worth spending time with, but stay away from mirrors and keep the lights on. In a weird twisted way it reminded me of certain aspects of my own childhood (but that is a different story for another day…) ~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


“This stops now.”

“But Daddy! Deedee needs to eat too!”

“She’s just a little girl, Hal. It’s just harmless fun.” Melanie’s mother said.

“No more! She’s getting too old for that crap! She starts school this year, and what will everyone think?”

“They’ll think she’s just a normal kid, just like her classmates.”

“Normal kids don’t act like that.”

From that day forward, only one plate was placed at the table in front of Melanie. It didn’t matter that Deedee wasn’t allowed a plate at the dinner table; she was present nonetheless, sitting in silence at Melanie’s side, sharing her plate and her meals.

Deedee had been her best friend ever since Melanie could remember. Her first memory was of learning to walk together, climbing to their feet side by side, using furniture for balance. They learned to talk, first in a language only they understood…

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