Today I’m going to attend a nude figure drawing class. I won’t be nude. The models will be. That is all I know at this time. I’ll post photos later of anything I draw that is worthy of sharing.

Vampires never had problems with the human body being shown unclothed in art (or anywhere else.) We all have bodies. We all have nipples, and butts, and belly buttons. There are lyrical elements in all of us that can be admired, and even drawn by an artistic hand.

Look at the way someone sits with ankles crossed and a head turned towards the morning light in a window, or how they roll up their sleeves and show a forearm, or the lines of a bare back with a bit of hair falling where the collar line would be as bare shoulders frame it all and hold it all in. It is all beautiful.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


  1. Sounds like fun. I will be interested to see the results. I had lots of art classes drawing nude models at the university. I’m not the best when it comes to drawing.

  2. I’d be fascinated by seeing your progress. I cannot draw or paint at all. That’s why I’m a writer. LOL
    I love beautiful and tasteful art. I’m just somethings not exactly sure how realistic it is. *chuckle*

    1. I’ll post something the first week of November. There were two wonderful models (female and male). The work was quick but it was fun to get back into it. I’m kind of rusty but want to do more live sketching with models

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