The Song Never Remains The Same

I’m sorry I missed Friday the 13th. So here you go.

Aside from this past week being extraordinarily busy, despite the ongoing pandemic, my brother Andy came for a few days.

I took him everywhere with me. In the winter I take my dog, but since I don’t have to leave Andy in the car, I took him with me.

We passed the weird cemetery I won’t go near anymore, and a blast of wind blew at the car. Andy look at me in his usual way wanting an explanation.

“That place is full of weird angry people who have more unresolved issues that you and me could ever imagine. I drove by there a few months ago, I was going to take the dog for a walk, she was in the car with me, and I heard a voice that said you’re not welcome. I didn’t go.”

“I can imagine,” said Andy. “It makes my hair stand up just to hear you say that. It wasn’t just the usual asshole ghost. It was something else.”

“We’re Vampires. We don’t like ghosts as a rule, but I shouldn’t be afraid to go into a cemetery. I have NEVER felt so uncomfortable. To make it even worse, this place is so close to my home. I can see it across the lake from the end of my street.”

“Creepy, even for us. I agree,” said Andy.

“I thought you liked that song,” I said to him as he turned the radio station.

“Almost an entire twenty years of songs have been erased from life. I can’t listen to them anymore. Don’t tell me you don’t have songs that bring up bad memories.”

“More often it is songs I loved but someone else ruined it for me.”

“I have those too but I ruined most of them all by myself. They remind me of how stupid I used to be. They remind me of… bad times, just like the ghosts.”

“I understand,” I said. 

“It is like they’re telling me I’m not welcome there. Well, or else listening to those songs, or singing them just makes me feel stupid.”

“I know,” I said.

The both laughed a little bit and then changed the subject. 

Andy is a professional singer with the voice of an angel. I’m not just staying that as a charming expression of speech. Andy has a voice that transfixes, transports, and is almost unreal  – it is so beautiful.

Like all of us Andy has his demons, The only difference between Andy and the rest of us is that he owns up to his. Sure he is sensitive but I don’t care. It isn’t my burden. It is just my job to love and support him.

Thanks for dropping by and stay safe everyone.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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