How did that happen?

April is here, which means the ten year anniversary later this month of I hope you’ve all had fun.

When I started out Garrett was 16. Today he turns 26. How did that happen?

He went from a creative, silly, romantic teenager, to a creative, a little less silly, and romantic man.

For Garrett, being a teen was fairly easy. He was popular and got his dad’s good looks. Being an adult has been even easier for him. Yes, his is one of those who is charmed in so many ways.

Watching my kids grow into adults, and they’re both adults now, makes all of the memories of when I was their age come up, like so many ghosts. Some resemble Marely’s Ghost and some resemble other things. I think of lone travels, exploration, and general cluelessness.

I hope I’ve raised my own children not to avoid the cluelessness. I believe I have.

When I think back, I think this is the only Vampire Parenting blog out there. All said, I think I’ve done a damn good job at both – parenting and being a Vampire.

We always have a choice about being good at things. Sometimes it isn’t easy. It usually isn’t easy for me, but it can be done. It is well worth it too.

So, like I always say…

Stay safe. Be kind. Don’t be a dick. Hug your dogs and cats. Talk to your kids. Talk to your partner. Check in on those who are ancient, might need extra help, or are alone. And most important of all, kiss a Vampire. You’ll thank me for it later.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


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