Fires and Flowers

I’ve been working on a writing deadline, and over things and feel like I’ve abandoned my blog readers. Feel like it? I have. I’m sorry.

There was a fire tonight and evacuations near my house tonight. It was about a five minute walk from my house. That is scary. It was no doubt part of the wave of homeless people who’ve taken up in the Sacramento area (the worst in the country I hear) or kids out smoking pot. The fire was on the bluffs overlooking the American River Parkway/ Lake Natoma in an area called the Orangevale Buffs. We’ve had the field behind our house mowed down but I’m terrified of fire right now.

I also just checked the local news after a friend alerted me about the fire, and saw that in East Sacramento a coyote was eating a cat in a residential neighborhood right in the middle of the day.

Behind my home is a coyote den. Every single day I watch the coyotes bask in the sun behind my home. Tonight they were howling and yipping as if the gates of Hell had just opened up. I’m sure it was due to the fire and firetruck that we didn’t hear. I will listen to the coyotes more from now on and check outside when they howl.

I will also keep the cats inside. The elder cat stays in except for the back deck, which is up high and difficult for coyotes to get to. The younger cat only goes out when the dog is out, but from now on I will also have to be out with him. He likes to putter in the garden with me, and talk to me while I do my puttering.

Art is also consuming my life. I start on my first big project in years tomorrow. I’m so rusty that it is a wonder I used to make good money with my drawing skills.

My daughter turned 23 on Tuesday. That is all the parenting news I have. No advice.

The only reason I’m up is because the dog had to pee and woke me from my usual fitful slumber. I’ll now get back to editing, maybe. I’m too sleepy to write much or do anything, but too awake to sleep. It is 2:10 am. I feel like I’m drunk blogging right now but I’m not drunk.

On a better note….My daylilies have been spectacular this summer. I’ll leave you with a few photos I’ve taken. I’ll have more news soon, I hope. Maybe more tall tales, Vampires, book reviews/suggestions, and Ghost stuff, and more.

Stay safe everyone,

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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