Empty Nest: Make this a place worth living in

As a parent, I never ever imagined that young people would be as angry as they are now. I mean, our kids. Our kids between the ages 16-35. They feel screwed. The work hard. They do everything they’re supposed to do. But with all of that they see a very different future than their parents and it isn’t always better. Or at least it isn’t the same. It also isn’t easy, not that it was easy for any of us, but it it is just fucking weird.

Even before the Covid 19 Pandemic things were getting weird.

Back in the 70’s we worked so hard to bring environmental awareness to the forefront. We worked so hard. We saved the whales. We saves a small amount of redwoods, we recycled, we ate clean, we were organic. We reused and repurposed. Women had rights and could control their own bodies. Sure they was sexual harassment but we knew we could fight against it. Everyone could sleep with who they wanted to and even believe there was a bright future. Our gay friends were beginning to believe they were safe. Then evil assholes like James Watt came into power (look him up if you don’t remember his ugly attitude and ugly face.) Horrible ghouls like Ralph Reed and the Religious Right came around like an American Taliban saying women were property and the environment was like women – there for men to pillage and use and destroy for their pleasure and profit. The Religious Right was always WRONG.

People are still being killed for their beliefs both by individuals, by hate groups, and by governments.

More women are going to die because they can’t get access to birth control and abortions, or even care for miscarriages. There are even people in my family who have died in the past due to such hateful and ignorant laws based on religion and NOT medical or scientific fact.

I wanted to bring children into a better world.

Our children are our only hope.

The government is full of people who are ancient and completely out of touch, too old to still function, and the younger ones are stupid, hateful, ignorant, or ruled by their religion (just like the old ones).

People who are different have always hidden. They hid their communities. They hide their passions. They hide who they are. They hide their ideas. You might be one of them. You don’t even have to be a different color, or LBGTQ, or anything in the national news. You could just be hated for being you. You could be hated for being a little bit different. You could be hated for NOT going to church. You could be hated for being artistic, or creative, or thoughtful, or smart, or genetically not like those who hate and fear you. You could live a lie in public and in secret when you are alone or with your community, and maybe not even realize it because that is all you know.

I was listening to a Genesis song last week. It came out in 1986. I heard Genesis sing it in concert.

From Land of Confusion (please don’t be an asshole whoever and ding me for sharing lyrics)

This is the world we live in
And these are the hands we’re given
Use them and let’s start trying
To make it a place worth living in

It made me sad because everyone born in the 1940’s-60’s didn’t do that. They said they would. Now so many of them, the ones who partied, slept with every women with a crotch, and did whatever they wanted, are now old religious politicians who are masters at confusion and illusion. They forget their ideas of youth and want nothing but hateful control over the women who wouldn’t sleep with them (all women) or fall in love with them (all women), or let them have control (all women). They never go outside and see no value in the environment. They see no value in science, and claim to follow a not so good book that says it is ok to kill your daughter if she isn’t a virgin and to have anyone who is gay or different, because that is all they want to read. So much for loving one and other. Seriously guys, your penis IS small but that doesn’t mean men control women. It doesn’t mean you control the actions decent men who respect the women in their lives.

So go ahead assholes and ruin the environment and the social structure of the world for young people. Go ahead and keep doing it. You’ll be dead and won’t realize that you’ll go down in history worse than Nero watching Rome burn while he partied and didn’t give a shit. Because our politicians don’t give a shit.

Soooooo, as a parent all I can do is to tell young people to vote, vote out the assholes, demand something different, don’t tow the party lines, be skeptical, be angry, be mad, demand change, keep up the fight, don’t give in. Make this a place worth living in.

That is it for tonight. Vampire Maman is getting off of her soapbox for now.

My kids are alright, but I still worry about them. I will worry about them for the next 500 years. It is what parents do, or at least what good parents do.

Stay save. Check in on those who are elderly, alone, or need extra help. Hug your dog and cat and DON’T take them to a shelter just because your boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t like them. If you’re with someone who does not like animals or their kids don’t like your animals then give them a big FUCK YOU and choose your pet. You’ll go to heaven for that one and all the dogs and cats you ever had will meet you there. And of course, as always, kiss a Vampire, You’ll thank me for it later.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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  1. Oh, I always chose my pets… they stayed with me, through thick and thin, whenever and wherever… But I haven’t kissed a vampire in a long time (that I know of… *grin*) Any idea where to find one?

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