It is that time of year…December Holiday Party RIGHT HERE

Oh my goodness, it is almost December. That means a continuous Holiday Party here at Vampire Maman.

Did you know that December is the most popular month on this blog? Yes it is. That is due to all of the favorite posts I’ll be sharing from the past TEN YEARS of Christmas/Holiday/Winter stories, songs, musings, poetry, Vampires, Ghosts, and other fun posts.

I will also be giving you updates on a big project I’m up to. Actually, I’m up to several big projects. The first is getting a room full of junk and furniture I no longer you want turned into my new office. That includes tearing out some built in cabinets, but NO, there will not be any sledge hammers involved or Vlad’s chainsaw.

The second project is my latest book, which hopefully will be out in the winter of 2023. My brilliant editor has sent it back to me, and I’ll be working on the redlines today. I’m also working with a wonderful and amazing artist on the cover. I am soooooooo excited. I guarantee you will be too.

As for everything else…

The past few years have left everyone numb. We’re still recovering from the pandemic, from the drought (were I live), from all of the crappy and horrible politics, from isolation, from our kids moving out and moving on even though we’re happy for them and oh so proud, from the death of friends, from horrible news, from the behavior of delusional entitled assholes, and from the loss of feeling secure. There have been some shitty things happening, even for Vampires, and it is frustrating for most of us who have been good people and tried our best to do what is right only to … well, you know.

There have also been good things. For the first time I saw foxes in my yard. My kids and most of my friends are doing great. I love my husband. I love my friends. My dog still doesn’t listen to anything I say but that is OK.

Speaking of dogs…

I have a German Shepard. She is SO SMART. That said, she does what she wants to. Like a lot of dogs she has itchy skin, as well as an eye issue, so she needs her itchy pills, and her eye drops. When I try/attempt to give her pills she will not take them. No amount of treats can hide those pills. The only way to get them down her throat is to put one in her mouth and hold it closed. Yes, I could grind them up and put them in food but even then she’ll turn up her nose.

However, she will take a pill in a pill picket or piece of cheese from my husband. A few weeks ago when Alice, my German Shepard, would not take the pill in a tasty pill pocket that 99.9% of dogs can’t resist, my husband Teddy said, “Do you want MOM to give it to you?”

Alice looked at me, then gobbled down the pill pocket and pill. That dog is so smart. She understands so many words, including names. Nothing gets past her. We almost have to write things down. I’m sure if we start doing that she’ll learn how to read.

Here she is:

December is almost here. Keep checking back for wonderful and amazing Christmas/Holiday posts and more ramblings.


Stay safe. Hug your dog. Call your kids if they don’t live with you and tell them you love them. Check in on those who might be alone or need extra help. And kiss a Vampire – you’ll thank me for it later.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


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