Burning Question 2023 #3: The Royal Wee Wee

I’m American so needless to say my ancestors said no to royalty back in 1776. I have a feeling they said NO to royalty much earlier than that. We’re (Americans) kind of like that.

Unfortunately we have an unhealthy cult of celebrity worship and the like, but that is another post. Today I’m jolted into posting the BURNING QUESTION: DOES ANYONE NEED ROYALTY?

My answer is: No. Hell no.

What brings this on you might ask? Yeah, I’ll tell you. Some swarmey pasty red headed kid, who grew up with EVERYTHING, and happens to be a prince. Not a wonderful guy with talent and style who unfortunately passed away too soon. No, this one is the one who partied it up, spent his entire lift trying to get the world to feel sorry for him because his mom died (my unpopular opinion is that if she was that great of a mom she should have been with her kids, not running around partying in Paris with her rich putz of a boyfriend.) A lot of children lose parents at an early age and it is tragic. It is more than tragic. Just because your mom was famous and you have more money than God doesn’t mean your case is more tragic than everyone else. Seriously dude, you are not special.

Also, just because you marry an American, and forget to tell her that it will be HELL marrying you because your family all have sticks up their butts, doesn’t make you tragic. It makes you stupid. Then you and your wife move to California, one of the most expensive and beautiful areas in my state, and complain how difficult life is and THEN you write a book about how tragic your life has been. Boo Hoo Bro. Get over yourself. Concentrate on your kids so they won’t end up so self centered as you are. Get a fucking life. I mean normal life.

So now that England has a new King and the rest of the world is still holding on to a few other Royals here and there I will as you for your opinion on the matter. Do you like them? Is their time over? Are we done with this fairy tale? Why do most of them have such a horrible sense of style?

Yeah, I’m being mean. Or maybe I’m just being honest. Just answer the poll.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


  1. The last time I gave a damn about the “royal family” was when I used to read the scandal sheets my Granny would buy back in the 80’s. That was a long time ago. Other than the Queen kicking last year, I know utterly nothing about them from the past 30 years….

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