Mominfluencers, and Real Life Parenting

I’ve been seeing articles about MOMINFLUENCERS.

I never wrote about babies or toddlers much here. I have plenty to say about those years. Nor have I written about those weird and lively years from 4-10.

I didn’t start blogging until Middle School. Now I’m blogging about my Empty Nest.

My mantras about parenting that I want everyone to do are:

Talk to your kids.

Keep the lines of communication open.

Show interest in your children and what they do.

Be interested but don’t overwhelm them.

Let them do it by themselves (like those science and art projects)

Laugh with them.

Keep an open mind.

Love them.

Do things with them.

Keep talking with them.

Make them feel safe.

Encourage them to grow and fly on their own.

Teach them to treasure their elders (in a good sweet way).

You don’ have to be a leader, but don’t be a follower.

It goes fast. Faster than you can ever imagine, so enjoy those children. Share the wonder and magic.

That is about it. I’ve never tried to influence anyone to buy certain brands of yoga pants, insulated water bottles and coffee cups, or any other trendy products.

I hope that my influence about just being there for your kids is all you need.

Sure I throw in the Vampire stuff and other weirdness because that is how life is.

Now that they’ve moved out my advice is to continue to share that wonder and magic. Continue to talk to them. Laugh with them. Continue to encourage them to grow and fly.

This week my daughter and I have been sending garden photos to each other. I have a front and back yard. She has a tiny space in front of her apartment door, and a 10 x 10 foot plot in a community garden. The proverbial seeds were planted in so many ways. And that my friends is successful parenting.

That’s it. That is all I have to say. Thank me later for not trying to influence you to be trendy or in fashion, or one upping the other parents. Thank me for encouraging you to build good relationships with your kids, and entertaining you, and making you think.

I’ll finish off with some photos of my garden right now. Spring has sprung at my house.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


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