When Time No Longer Matters

I love old-time pieces. My husband and son are also collectors of vintage time pieces. They don’t have to be valuable – just stylish and with a lot of character. It warms my heart to see young men, guys in college, or in their 20’s and 30’s wearing time pieces of old, be it pocket watches, or some of the exceptionally cool wrist watches that belonged to the time of their grandfathers, and great grandfathers. They go online, or to second-hand shops, or to vintage jewelers, yard and estate sales, or to Grandma, to find their kicks, and to find that perfect time…piece.

Many young women take old watches and turn them into refashioned jewels, or put them about like decorative pieces. There are stories to be told, and stories to make up when the history is a mysterious secret.

When time no longer matters…

Antique Pocket Watch With A Heart


Antique watch with tassel fob


Old Time

One of these watches is up for auction on ebay right now. It should go cheap, like the woman it’s original owners lusted after and lost, on the long journey across the sea, or lost with a rustle of skirts, as she ran laughing across the street.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


What is your Vampire (or Werewolf) Style?


Vampires are known for it.

Others are not.


That said, we all have our own personal style. Mine has changed drastically over the years. I’ve gone from frills and lace, to Indian gauze and flowing skirts, to shoulder pads and brights colors, to little black dresses and pearls… but mostly I’ve been on a classic tailored track with a few great creative or unexpected accessories.

There a lot of styles I wish I could pull off but I’m not super tall and my lifestyle is pretty casual AND I’m a mess.

Lon Chaney looking hot in a suit! Sweetheart stay out from under that full moon!

Lon Chaney looking hot in a suit! Sweetheart stay out from under that full moon!

Anyway, yes, Vampires tend to dress well. The Werewolves I know dress well (for the most part) except those who live in the woods and look like something out of a bad reality show.

Holy crap get those guys off of my lawn and hide the possums!

Holy crap get those guys off of my lawn and hide the possums!


So…. drum roll please… it is now time for another famous Vampire Maman Poll!

What is your Vampire (or Werewolf) style?






You know these guys!

You know these guys!




 This is all just silly fun

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



Some guys have it and some guys don't.

Some guys have it and some guys don’t.


One should always be stylish with the proper accessories.

One should always be stylish with the proper accessories.



If you don't want to wear a suit dress like a Ramone.

If you don’t want to wear a suit dress like a Ramone.


Personal Style vs Costumes…or…You’re not wearing that are you?

This afternoon my son Garrett and his best buddy Randy came in and plopped down in front of the TV.

I had to see this. Randy wore orange plaid pants, a brown vest and white tee. He had a neon green and yellow friendship bracelet one of the girls had made him on one wrist. He also had an old silver pocket watch with the chain showing. My own son was in black jeans, a white shirt with pearlized snaps and an old bolo tie with bowling motif slide.  They both have shaggy longish hair. Randy’s is blonde and thick. Garret’s is deep brown and glossy.

I thought of the old term “Fops and Dandies.” That’s my boys.

I had to smile. They have the personalities to get away with dressing like that in high school. The girls flock around them in droves. The other guys give them good-natured laughs. Of course everyone likes them. They’re Vampires – people can’t help it.

Yesterday they’d been in the usual teen uniform of tee-shirt and jeans. Who knows what they’ll wear tomorrow.

All things are going well with the Vampire kids this season. The drama of Middle School is over. High School has arrived.

I’m pretty easy about the dress code we impose on our kids. I know, I should say they need to express themselves and let their freak flags fly but not with how they look.

They are allowed a lot of creativity but there are some rules.

  • They have to be clean.
  • They can’t dress like slobs.
  • Clothing has to fit well – nothing oversized, no sagging, no overly baggy tees and nothing too tight!
  • If you wear leggings your shirt has to cover your butt.
  • You can’t wear Halloween costumes everyday.
  • No facial hair
  • No Mohawks or shaved heads etc
  • Only Clara gets pierced ears and nail polish
  • No slutty clothes
  • All black is ok but not every single day
  • Wear a style not a costume.
  • And that is what it comes down to is not to look like you’re wearing a costume.
  • Don’t dress to piss people off.
  • Follow the school dress code.
  • Try to look good. Cause if you look good you’ll feel good. Trust me on this one. I’m right – because I’m the mom.

I had a lot of fun dressing them as babies so they learned early on how to put an outfit together.

Over the summer Garrett and  Randy (both 17) developed a bad case of baby hamsters on their chins and other weird fuzz. Teddy (dad) told Garrett that he had to get rid of it by the time school started.

“You’re such a Victorian,” Garrett told his dad. Garrett often says that half kidding half not.

“You look stupid. Shave it off before school.” said Teddy.

“But Dad…”

“What next? This isn’t Duck Dynasty.  No hamsters on your face. End of discussion.”

“What about…”

“When you graduate from high school you can wear a red lined opera cape and a beard down to your navel for all I care but not as long as you’re living under this roof.”

When the kids were younger they’d suggest living in a tent in the backyard when their dad said something they didn’t agree on, but it never lasted more than a few hours.  Anyway….

As we all know Modern Vampire teens need to blend in, but still keep a good sense of style. They need to be attractive and appealing to others. It is just the way things are. For Vampire teens it is more a matter of survival plus it makes life a whole lot easier.

We talked a bit about college applications (they both sent in theirs this week with a small fortune in fees) and vintage clothing shops and how much they like their Economics and Math teachers. They talked about going out Friday night with the girls for a hunt. Looks like the year so far is relatively drama free and fun. The perfect senior year!

They’re good kids, even for Vampires. Especially for Vampires. But I have to admit it will take a while for me to get used to those orange plaid pants.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Dandy Les_Incroyables

Vampire Teens have always been the cool ones!

Vampire teens have always been the cool kids!

We had so much fun back then. Glad to see my kids are having as much fun now!

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman