Because I am the coolest mom of all time…

Because I am the coolest mom of all time…

Starting now and through Saturday, September 21, 2013 I will be taking a break from writing and all work…

And taking the teens to The Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco concert in San Francisco, California.

See you all for Short Story Sunday and maybe…maybe a concert review!

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


Relating to your vampire teen: When I was your age…

“When I was your age…” you tell your vampire teen, knowing they’ll listen to your every world. Excuse me while I fall off of my chair laughing. If things were only that easy.  Most of us were the age of our children long before they were born; I’m talking 50-100 years or more.

The culture of my teen years is not the culture of my children.  I was 12 in 1871. People were still talking about the Civil War. My husband was 12 during the Civil War.  Even more distant is my BFF Elizabeth who was 12 in 1632. Samuel Pepys was watching Punch and Judy.

Modern teens still marvel at the idea that many of their parents had no computers in the home when they were teens and no Internet. When most vampire parents were teens there was no electricity, much less phones, recorded sound or shopping malls. How did our mother’s make it through the adolescent years without Target and Aeropostal? No really, I’m serious.

A few helpful hints for relating with and being actually helpful to your vampire teen:

  • Keep up with popular culture – this one of the top survival tools for any vampire, especially vampire parents.
  • Don’t be old fashioned. The phrase “When I was your age” will sink like a rock in water to your kids. Feel free to tell them stories of your youth – they will love and respect and understand you all the more for it. But don’t compare. We grew up in a different universe than they did.
  • Retro is cool for parties, decorating and clothing but not a cool parenting style – especially not for vampire teens. Retro is the kiss of death in the modern world for our kids especially.
  • Modernize your mouth. Don’t used old fashioned terms when talking to your teen. Do not refer to your son and his popular friends as “Swells”. And whatever you do, don’t call them “Sheiks”.
  • Never act like things were better when you were young. It wasn’t better – it was just different. No, actually it was worse. A lot worse. Deal with your own insecurities – don’t pass it on to your teen.
  • Practice empathy by helping your child understand that it’s normal to be a bit concerned or self-conscious, and that it’s OK to feel grown-up one minute and like a kid the next.
  • You couldn’t wait for your first corset and bustle. Your daughter can’t wait to wear make-up and strapless sundresses. Guide your teens into good taste but let them be individuals (and be grateful bustles and corsets are not everyday wear anymore).
  • Read what they read. Keep up with the new world of YA literature. They aren’t reading Dickens unless they’re forced to. Today’s young adult literature is full of ridiculous vampires (always a real treat for us), violence, post apocalyptic worlds, draconian societies, Goths, fractured families, paranormal everything, and more sex and romance than we could have imagined when we were teens.
  • Let your child know that some things are best kept within the vampire community.In English Lit your teen should know he can’t say, “My dad was friends with Oscar Wilde.”

~ Juliette

Good Reads for Your Young Adult – Hot Indie Titles!

Summer will be here soon…that means reading (for vampire kids and their non-vampire friends). It means fun reading that isn’t “required”. It also means time to check out some of the hottest indie YA authors.

This is an awesome list – I wish there had been this many choices when I was a teen!

Author: Lynn Hubbard  

Return to Love: A Romance Novel for Young Adults

New Edition, New Cover, Same Sweet Story. Read a free Sample! Returning home after being away for two long years, 16 year old Joanie Caldwell learns what is truly important in life: family, friendship and love. Joanie stumbles along the path to adulthood along with her best friend Kate…

Return to Love: A Romance Novel for Young Adults

Author: Tamra Westberry

“Sophies Secret Whispers”

The first in Tamra’s YA paranormal series is free on Amazon, Nook, and all other ebook venues.

Author: Matthew Wayne Selznick

“Brave Men Run — A Novel of the Sovereign Era”
It’s out of print in paperback (lots of used copies available) but readily available for Kindle, Nook and Kobo:
Matthew has received fan mail from people as young as 12 and as old as 83… and the protagonist is a fifteen year old boy. It should be appropriate, but be aware that the kids in this book behave like real teenager. There is swearing, some alcohol use, and heavy petting. (gasp!)

Author: Melanie Rose Huff


Historical fiction, YA/Adult crossover

Author: Sarah Billington

“Life Was Cool Until You Got Popular”

This is upper MG,

Sarah Billington has a YA coming out May 15, too!

Author: Sarah Woodbury Haug

“Series … Footsteps in Time/Prince of Time/Crossroads in Time”

Time travel to medieval Wales:

Author: Jason Letts


Getting married at 19 years old would be enough to make anyone nervous, but Beck Eisley isn’t the kind of guy who backs down from a challenge. His bride Sydney is beautiful, adventurous, and comes from a powerful family that paid to have the ceremony on a luxurious cruise ship. So what could possibly go wrong? While Beck executes his plans to make it a wedding no one will ever forget, he finds out Sydney’s family may have some skeletons in their closet that will make his wedding day more of a challenge than even he thought he could handle.

I will be posting more books the first week of every month. Have fun and happy reading.

~ Juliette