Good Reads for Your Young Adult – Hot Indie Titles!

Summer will be here soon…that means reading (for vampire kids and their non-vampire friends). It means fun reading that isn’t “required”. It also means time to check out some of the hottest indie YA authors.

This is an awesome list – I wish there had been this many choices when I was a teen!

Author: Lynn Hubbard  

Return to Love: A Romance Novel for Young Adults

New Edition, New Cover, Same Sweet Story. Read a free Sample! Returning home after being away for two long years, 16 year old Joanie Caldwell learns what is truly important in life: family, friendship and love. Joanie stumbles along the path to adulthood along with her best friend Kate…

Return to Love: A Romance Novel for Young Adults

Author: Tamra Westberry

“Sophies Secret Whispers”

The first in Tamra’s YA paranormal series is free on Amazon, Nook, and all other ebook venues.

Author: Matthew Wayne Selznick

“Brave Men Run — A Novel of the Sovereign Era”
It’s out of print in paperback (lots of used copies available) but readily available for Kindle, Nook and Kobo:
Matthew has received fan mail from people as young as 12 and as old as 83… and the protagonist is a fifteen year old boy. It should be appropriate, but be aware that the kids in this book behave like real teenager. There is swearing, some alcohol use, and heavy petting. (gasp!)

Author: Melanie Rose Huff


Historical fiction, YA/Adult crossover

Author: Sarah Billington

“Life Was Cool Until You Got Popular”

This is upper MG,

Sarah Billington has a YA coming out May 15, too!

Author: Sarah Woodbury Haug

“Series … Footsteps in Time/Prince of Time/Crossroads in Time”

Time travel to medieval Wales:

Author: Jason Letts


Getting married at 19 years old would be enough to make anyone nervous, but Beck Eisley isn’t the kind of guy who backs down from a challenge. His bride Sydney is beautiful, adventurous, and comes from a powerful family that paid to have the ceremony on a luxurious cruise ship. So what could possibly go wrong? While Beck executes his plans to make it a wedding no one will ever forget, he finds out Sydney’s family may have some skeletons in their closet that will make his wedding day more of a challenge than even he thought he could handle.

I will be posting more books the first week of every month. Have fun and happy reading.

~ Juliette

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