A conversations over coffee and musings about the lives of others (or don’t trade in your soul because you can’t get it back.)


Coffee with Vampires and Ghosts

A conversations over coffee and musings about the lives of others.

This morning I met for coffee with my brother’s friend James.

James is one of those people I find extremely obnoxious, but we have a connections through my brother Andy and through some shared experiences. We all have friends like James.

When he isn’t just hanging out with old friends, James is a psychiatrist to some pretty well known individuals. He is good at giving people ways to find normalcy in their lives. That is their normal. Everyone has his or her own normal, they just have to find it. The same goes with inner peace and contentment. James gives his patients the tools and teaches them how to use those tools to keep healthy.

As I drove to his house, through one of the more exclusive neighborhoods in the city (East Sacramento), I passed a home I’d once been in, years ago. The house belonged to a wealthy man. I’m talking insanely wealthy. A friend of mine was his executive assistant.

I was there for a party. He was lovely and friendly. I’d met him before and he remembered me. My friend adored him. He was a good man.

Unfortunately his ex-wife, his narcissistic daughter, and his psychiatrist only saw dollar signs. They poisoned him with their demands and their bad advise. It was never about him. People who cared couldn’t get through to him. The women took and took from him, stabbing out pieces of his soul until one day he killed himself.

“There is a special place in Hell for them. No, really, Jewels, the reservations have been made,” James told me as he poured me a second cup of coffee in his well-appointed kitchen.

I believed James, because like me, he is a Vampire. He lives with one foot in death’s door at times. He knows what it is like to grab up your own soul and hold it tight. For unlike Regular Humans, Vampires can’t give away or trade our souls, but sometimes there are those who try to come up from the depths of Hell and steal them away.

“And to think,” I said, “people call us ghouls.”

“They’re such hypocrites,” said James.

We had more coffee and talked about our friends, our work and books we’d read over the summer. I looked around the beautiful kitchen. Too bad not much cooking happened in it. Most Vampires don’t cook much. We do, but not much. I don’t need to explain why.

James made a lame joke about cooking and I laughed. Then he smiled with a sexy bit of fang and said, “Let’s go upstairs and fuck.”

I smiled back. “You know I’m married.” Yes, that is the reason I don’t see much of James.

“Right, you’re married to the most handsome Vampire in the world, but come down to the dark side with me this morning. Nobody will ever know. Mix it up a little.”

“Oh James,” I said, “even if I was single I’d have to say no. It isn’t going to happen. But thank you for the coffee. It was delightful.”

“At least I can try,” he said taking my hand and kissing it.

Now I’m home, taking a break from my work, sharing my morning. I’m also wondering if anyone is mourning still for the lovely man who was driven to his death by demons who took the form of friends and family.

I look at my old dog sleeping on the cool tile by my feet. I hear a hawk outside. It is a calm space where demons are not allowed. I will not let them in.

Close the door if they knock, even if they look like someone you know.

Beware those who have already traded in their souls at the expense of others.

OK everyone, have a nice day.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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I’m on the road with my handsome husband and beautiful daughter this week touring one of the colleges by the ocean in Southern California. Yes, this is the parenting part. So anyway, this is a repost from August 2015. Thanks for dropping by. I’ll tell you all about it soon.

What we’re talking about this morning…

I treasure my time in the car with my teens. It is time to talk about anything and everything. This morning the news was on the radio so the topics were wide ranging.

What we talked about:

  • An exhibit in a Vienna Museum titled “Nude Men” from 1800 to the present drew a group of 60 men who stripped down to view it. In a special after-hours tour, they viewed the exhibition in nothing but socks and shoes. The tour guide was dressed. We thought it was funny.
  • Headline: Guilty Plea From Jesse Jackson Jr. Over ‘Lavish’ Spending; Wife’s Plea Next

Jesse Jackson Jr and his wife had EVERYTHING. And it still wasn’t enough. It was just last Friday, when Jackson Jr. was charged with misuse of campaign funds and word broke that he was expected to plead guilty. The Chicago congressman had resigned his seat last November — shortly after winning reelection — as allegations grew that he had used campaign money to purchase, among other things, a $43,000 watch, a $4,600 fedora once worn by Michael Jackson and $5,000 worth of furs.
Plus he has such a famous dad. What is wrong with people? Really?
 My kids were not exactly sure who these people were, but my son said, “He purchased a watch for like $43,000. Imagine what a public high school could have done with that money.” Yes, imagine.

Why do people in the public eye, who can make a difference have to be such greedy assholes? This is something my kids get angry about. It is something we can’t understand because it is something we’d NEVER do. What is wrong with people?

  • “OfficeMax Incorporated and Office Depot, Inc. today announced the signing of a definitive merger agreement.” This kids for some reason found this interesting because we buy school supplies but we usually go to Staples because it is closer to our house/schools.
  • The fog, but it was gone before we got to the end of the street so that was the end of that topic of discussion.
  • Love and the fact that people are looking for shallow perfection (the kids brought this one up). They also talked about how being desparate is such a turn off. Clara said “Sure if a guy is nice and clean I’ll talk to him. He doesn’t have to be over the top handsome. But if he is creepy, smells bad or tries to pick up on me I’m not saying anything.”
  • Coyotes. They were out last night at the park near our neighborhood. There will be a lot of pups come late springtime.
  • Donuts would be nice but we can’t have them. Sigh. But we can smell them. On the other hand there is always coffee and cheese and finding some good donors on Friday.
  • Then we talked about music. When you live around teens it always comes back to music.


Then I dropped them off and was on my own and off to my own work.

Wishing you all good morning conversations. And as always, there is nothing more I value more than time talking with my kids.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


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