Short Story Sunday: Dream a Little Dream…

Damn. What a night. Fighting demons and their fucking friends. Max rarely even thought of using four letter words but tonight was a swear night. Even as an alpha Vampire to top all alpha Vampires he was exhausted, and away from home.

The only saving grace was that he’d been not far from his fiancé’s house by the beach. He looked forward to falling asleep in her arms to the sound of the waves.

She wasn’t home. Damn. He let himself in as the sun started to light up the morning sky. 5:00 a.m. Where was she?

Max stripped off his clothing and threw it into the washing machine. Then he fell onto her bed. Damn it felt good. She said she’d gotten new bedding but this was amazing. He never understood Vampires who slept in coffins and crypts.

Falling into a deep sleep the dreams came in waves…

“I’m smarter than everyone in this room. They’re all idiots,” said Archibald Fontaine.

What is that blow hard doing here? Thought Max. He couldn’t stand the pompous ass. Archi was the last Vampire he’d want in his dreams.

Then Archibald Fontaine leaned forward and kissed Max on the mouth.

Max backed off. “It is over Archi.”

Then he was jolted into a dark passageway. Sadness overwhelmed him. He had never felt so alone. A cat started to follow him, then two, then three, then five.

The dream jumped to another location. This time a house. His house. She lay on his bed in silk tap pants and a silk bra, both in pale pink. He kissed her neck and brushed it with his fangs. He wanted to tell her that he loved her but he didn’t. Or did she want to tell him?

He was at a party. It was the 1916. He heard her voice I haven’t thought about him in years. It was a lie. She thought about him all the time. A wolf howled in the distance. It was a Werewolf.

He sat on a chair pulling off the silk stockings he’d worn the night before. Red peep toe shoes were on the floor in front of him along with a flowered dress.

Max had never worn a dress. Not even on Halloween.

Max opened his eyes and looked into his own face next to him in bed. His eyes were brown, then the color turned to hazel, then back to brown. He smiled at himself and pulled himself close in an embrace.

Then he woke in a jolt. This was too weird. What had those demons done?

Mehitabel stood by the bed. “Hey baby.”

“Hey,” said Max.

He reached out his hand and gently pulled to him. She sat on the edge of the bed and gently kissed him.

“The new bedding is nice. Love the pillows. But oh man, I’m having weird dreams.”

She smiled and stroked his hair. “Memory foam,” she said.


“Memory foam. You’re sleeping on my pillow silly.”

Then she undressed and got into bed beside him, but not before she gave him his own pillow.

~ end



Note: Aside from the occasional rerun all “Short Story Sunday” stories are written quickly over coffee on the Sunday morning they are posted. Coffee + pencil/pen/crayon/keyboard + observation + imagination + inspiration + more coffee + a punch line or twist = a story of somewhat questionable origins and more questionable quality. What jump starts your imagination? 


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Ghost of a Chance for Romance

The sun was setting in the cool winter sky. While the rest of the country is having blizzards it is sweatshirt weather here in California. Perfect weather for romance. Perfect weather for being a Vampire.

My teenage son who is always surrounded by girls and a born flirt is off to a Valentine’s Day party at a friend’s house tonight. Gone are the days when new drivers can legally drive with a car full of their friends so my husband is taking Garrett and his friends Randy, Chloe and Ione.

Clara is going roller skating with her friends – their usual Friday night activity. She is in deep water with her dad for her cell phone addiction but that’s another post.

Teddy spent the day in San Francisco. Part of his business is dealing with estate jewelry. He delivered an engagement ring to a customer. The ring was first given to a bride in 1890. After the bride ran off with the grooms best friend the ring was given to someone in 1939. The young bride was widowed during the war and remarried in 1946. She sold the ring to a man who gave it to his daughter when she graduated from college. She died in India while looking for enlightenment and her boyfriend brought the ring back to the United States. He then sold it to Teddy who in turn sold the beautiful platinum and diamond wonder to a Vampire in San Francisco who planned on proposing to his true love. Speaking of which, I had always thought it would have been nice if one of my single brothers would have taken the ring but since neither one have steady girlfriends…oh well.

I fell out of my thoughts of the amazing ring when the ghost appeared next to me.

“I can tell by the look in your cold hard eyes that you’re thinking of romance.”

I told him the story of the ring. He looked out into the field where the girl ghost was dancing in the wind, the skirts of her long dress flowing behind her. She blew the ghost a kiss. He blew one back.

“She loves you.” I said, looking at the crazy carefree ghost girl with her blazing red curls.

“I never found love when I was alive,” said the ghost. “It was a obcessive ex-lover who caused my death, but I never loved her. She didn’t know how to love. She only knew how to possess.”

“I’m sorry.” I looked at his pale face framed by black hair.

“Don’t be. If I’d lived I would have never have met Mary. Honestly Juliette, unless I was a Vampire like you there would be no way I could have met a girl who was born in 1586, Funny how things work out that way.”

“That’s an interesting take on things.”

“I’m a realist. Of course being a ghost isn’t half as bad as being, well, as being a Vampire.”

“There is nothing wrong with being a Vampire.”

“Sure, if you’re into the whole drinking blood and living at night sort of thing.”

“I’m glad you’re happy.”

He gave me a rare smile. “I’m glad you’re happy too dear Vampire.”

Then he vanished as the sun went down and the first small bat flew across my back deck.

Good night and sweet dreams…of love and romance for all.

Juliette aka Vampire Maman


Beauty from a Girl’s Point of View – A Birds Eye View

Even vampire girls have sweet dreams, hopes and desires. We know what it is like to be different. We know what it is like to be girls.

The link here is to “A Bird’s Eye View”, one of the most beautiful blogs, content wise, and visually.

Embrace your girlhood and memories and dreams, if only for a night.

Sweet Dreams,

Warm Embraces,

Happy Endings,

Hugs and Kisses,

~ Juliette