Vampire Girls are not Little Women…but some still dream….

My cousin Flora always imagined herself as Jo March (Little Women). Damn those March girls for hijacking so many young female brains of the era into a soup of silly. It was alright for human girls who were so inspired by Jo, but for vampire girls it was so wrong. First of all they wouldn’t have been broke or hungry. Their father wouldn’t have been injured. They would have known how NOT to burn their hair with a curling iron (much less sell it). We live a charmed life in our secret world. To dream of a human life seems so romantic, and it is, but young vampire girls need to enjoy fiction, but realize that to them most fiction might as well be science fiction – even Little Women.

Flora is still a romantic, but after years of blunders she finally found her calling as the owner of on of the most exclusive bed & breakfast inns in the Napa Valley. Her life is like something out of a Nora Roberts novel…that is with a little bite to it.

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL Vampire Mom’s!


One thought on “Vampire Girls are not Little Women…but some still dream….

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