Middle School for Vampires

Middle School starts back up tomorrow.

I could stop right there and say “Good blog post”. The thought of Middle School brings up so many emotions and memories in most people.

Of course there was no Middle School when I was a girl. There were school districts in the Sacramento area in the 1860’s – 70’s. There were even some “colored” schools. But for the Vampire girl (of any ethnic background) the only option was a small school for Vampire children. By the time we were Middle School age the girls were separated out from the boys. Unlike most regular human girls we were not bombarded with “domestic studies”. We were drilled on the classics, math, science, art and history. We were also drilled on how to be a Vampire adult in the modern world. At that time literacy rates for women was just over 50% so we were considered the elite. Plus Vampire women have always had to take care of themselves and survive on their own. We love our men but we can’t depend on them for survival across the centuries.

Despite the seriousness of our education, when I was 13 we still had giggle fests and started to have crushes on boys (Vampires, Regular Humans, Werewolves – we liked them all).

Starting in the Gold Rush Era (starting in 1849) the Sacramento area, San Francisco and Northern California gained a large Vampire population. It is still an area that is attractive to Vampire families due to the long standing support system from the local Vampire community.

It was during my 13th year that I first noticed the handsome 23 year old Teddy, then a regular human. I had no idea that 70 year later I’d marry him. He seemed so old at the time, but still took my breath away. All the girls (and grown women) had the same opinion.

Needless to say those were different times. I can’t imagine 13 year old Clara even glancing at a boy over 14 (any older would be gross in her opinion) – thank goodness. I don’t want her looking at boys over 14 either.

Clara goes to a K-8 Charter School (a free public school that actually allows teachers and kids to have control over their education). The population of the Middle School is small (less than 100 kids). But there is a fairly large Vampire population in her school – a total of 17 at the school and 8 in the Middle School.

The teachers are all regular humans – and of course they don’t know about the Vampire kids (who are exceptionally well behaved and for the most engaged in their studies).

So Clara is bitterly complaining that none of her friends are in her classes. All the “weirdos and freaks” are in her class. The strange girls with no social skills, the know-it-all annoying boys who wear multi colored Crocks, the brown nosing girl who smells bad, the stupid kids who “think they are all that”.  Thank goodness the violent and disruptive ones have all gone on to high school (and this coming from a Vampire mom).

And of course we can’t find anything that fits dress code. For long legged girls there are NO SHORTS that work, except for baggy saggy cargo shorts that most of the girls won’t wear. So school starts on a day with the high of 108 F and all of Clara’s shorts are too short. One mom just said “They can call me if they don’t like my daughter’s shorts”.  I know, I know, we should all be living on the coast or in Portland but the heat only lasts a few months…Needless to say I truly believe school administrators should have to visit 9 different stores and SEE that there are no shorts or skirts long enough and these kids should not be forced to wear long pants in this weather. OK enough about THAT.

Clara likes her teacher. I like her teacher with all of his quirks and unique ideas on life. He is smart and holds the attention of the kids. Plus he doesn’t put up with any BS from kids or parents. I told her that she and her few friends in the class were hand-picked to be the stars of the class. She rolls her eyes and knows in her heart that she’ll be in social Hell.

Middle School is the time when Vampires have their own form of puberty. They now have their Vampire teeth. The Vampire Vision starts (paranormal type abilities) to kick in. Kids are squirming to keep it all under control and then top that off with the other aspects of puberty and it is one big confusing roller coaster ride.

Even finding the right kind of BINDER is a chore. We’re off to Staples this afternoon to bring one back and get the correct one. Not as bad as finding the right shorts but almost.

So it is the last year of the little cocoon of a bright community formed by her wonderful Charter School that she doesn’t fully appreciate because next year it is the BIG public high school!
So far Middle School for my kids has been wonderful (for me). They have the best friends anyone could ever had. Most of the parents are great. The teachers are awesome. And there are far more laughs and giggles than not.

So good luck to all of you parents of Middle School and High School students this year!

I’ll have a special schedule of upcoming Vampire Events for parents and students coming soon.

And kids remember the rules:

  • Don’t bite your friends at school
  • Don’t show your teeth
  • Don’t put anyone into a trance no matter HOW annoying he/she is
  • Don’t read your teacher’s mind

~ Juliette

3 thoughts on “Middle School for Vampires

  1. We moved up into high school this year and I’m dreading the tales of woe. Or worse, I’m dreading NOT hearing the tales of woe as mine keeps as silent as the grave on school disharmony. Sometimes I wish *I* could just put people in a trance. It sure would solve a lot of problems…

  2. Always look on the bright side of life my dear. If only we could put people in a trance, but alas it is against the rules. So we’ll dazzle them with our smiles and make them wonder what we’re up to (believe me it will drive them crazy).

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