Public Service Announcement on Behalf of My 16 Year Old Vampire Son

My 16 year old Garrett and his best buddy Randy get frustrated and at times stupidly amused by the way media portrays Vampire Teens. Yes, in my opinion, like many of the fictional Vampire Teens shown in the media these boys are exceptionally handsome. But like ALL teen boys they can be exceptionally goofy and fun and just plain cute.

So this is a public service announcement from Garrett and Randy:

Fictional Vampire Teen

REAL Vampire Teen

(this photo is not Garrett and Randy, but it could be. I won’t let them post their own photos for security/privacy reasons)

So that is all.
I’m sure all the kids will be laughing about this for a long long long time. Gotta love these guys.
Happy Friday!

Juliette aka Vampire Maman


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7 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement on Behalf of My 16 Year Old Vampire Son

  1. People would be surprised by our sense of humor :), hopefully we re not as dull as we’re supposed to be lol. Those clichés really wind me up too at some point.

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