Rules of the Hunt for Vampire Teens – Be Safe! Be Smart!

I can’t stress enough how important it is that our teens follow the RULES.

My son Garrett, along with his best friends Randy and Zoe were getting ready to go to a football game. Vampire kids having fun with their regular human friends.

“Are you going to watch the game or are you going to hunt?” asked Teddy (my husband and Garrett’s dad).

“Both.” Said Garrett.

“Do your parents know you’re going to hunt tonight?” Teddy asked Randy and Zoe. They nodded their heads. “Alright then, be careful and follow the rules.”

“Um, dad, we’ve invited the triplets. Is that ok with you.” Asked my son. “They’re kind of, well, having a hard time meeting anyone and we thought we’d, you know, introduce them to some of our friends.”

When Teddy and I were teens this would have been unheard of but it is a different world now. The triplets are werewolves, new to the school. Two boys and a girl – Jacob, Kyle and Emily. Werewolves are usually born in litters of 2-4. Their mother is a werewolf and their father is a regular human. Like most werewolf kids they are total geeks. My kids are among the “popular” kids, so this could be a good thing. But it could be a weird thing. I mean, they’re werewolves.

“Do their parents know they’ll be with you?” I asked. I’d met the parents. They were nice quiet people who purchased a nice foreclosure a few streets over from ours. They’d been doing a lot to fix the place up. Along with the triplets they had 12 year old twin girls.

The parents did know their kids would be spending the evening with the Vampire kids; in fact they walked the 15 year old triplets over to our house. The parents were modest and somewhat overwhelmed by our hospitality. They’d had some problems with both their pack (mixed marriage) and then with werewolf hunters and found themselves out more or less as lone wolves. The kids were great, more like happy Lab pups than wolves. In fact most modern werewolves are like that. Annoying as hell but, oh well.

“Do you know the vampire kids are going to hunt?” I asked the werewolf parents.

“We don’t have a problem with that as long as you don’t have a problem with werewolves.”

“None.” Said Teddy. “We’re glad they’re going along, as long as they follow the rules.”

In order to survive as something different one must ALWAYS make sure their teens follow the Basic RULES for Teen Hunts:

  • Always have a partner with you when you hunt.
  • If you bring Werewolves or other Non-Regular Human friends along make sure they have permission from their parents and your parents first.
  • NEVER bring a Regular Human along when you hunt.
  • Never even hint to your prey that you are a Vampire.
  • Don’t take blood from someone who is going to drive within the next 60-90 minutes.
  • Take no more than a pint.
  • Know your prey – Vampire Hunters are out in full force. Only prey on kids in your school.
  • Don’t scare anyone.
  • Don’t make romantic promises in order to get blood.
  • When possible go for the wrist.
  • Always carry a stain removing pen with you when you hunt.
  • Call a parent or responsible Vampire adult if you feel like you’re in trouble.
  • Be Safe! Be Smart!

I know this is all common sense, but we’re talking about 13-18 year old kids. They need reminders and boundaries even more so than younger kids (they’d beg to differ but they’ll thank us one day).

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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