Ghosts and other things that piss me off!

There are few things Vampires consider truly evil…very few, but…

It is September 23 and still hotter than Hell outside. It is in the 90’s. I hate the heat. I hate it more than almost anything. And don’t ask me why I live here because this weekend I was wondering that same thing but damned if I have a quick answer (family, friends, roots, kids). The heat always puts me in a bad mood.

I had to go outside because I’d left a hose on from the morning (which was nice and cool). I looked out in the woods behind my house and there he was, the ghost. I hate ghosts and I especially dislike the one who lives next door to me.

He stood there in a black suit, shaggy black hair, paler than any Vampire. He smiled at me and put his hands up like claws and pretended to show me his teeth Vampire style.

“Very funny asshole.” I said to my unwanted visitor.

“I saw your daughter this morning. Clara. She’s pretty hot for a 13 year old.”

“SCREW YOU PERVERT” I shouted, giving him the finger.

He vanished with a smile on his face. Ohhhhhhh I was pissed off.

Clara assured me the ghost had never bothered her. If he ever approached her he’d have wished he was dead, and I mean really dead, as in NOT in my backyard but rotting in a hole somewhere.

Few things really bother me but Ghosts are on the top of the list.

Things that really piss off Vampire Maman :

  • Ghosts
  • Tweenkies (don’t even ask)
  • Anyone who promotes and encourages ignorance
  • Drug dealers
  • Small yapping dogs
  • Anyone who harms children or the elderly
  • People who harm animals
  • Judgmental assholes
  • Bad table manners
  • Blazing hot days in the fall

OK the list is pretty vague but I’m hot and tired and in no mood for Ghosts. Of all the creatures on this planet Ghosts just piss me off. Almost as much as those who thrive on ignorance and hate (and they really piss me off).

Thanks for letting me vent.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

9 thoughts on “Ghosts and other things that piss me off!

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