Top 5 Answers – Questions Middle School Girls Ask Their Dads

Hey dads out there. Don’t worry about questions your 12-14 year old girls ask you. There are FIVE basic answers that should cover everything. It works for my husband!

Top 5 Answers To Questions Middle School Daughters Ask their Dads.

5. There will always be girls like her. She isn’t cuter or smarter than you are.

4. Boys are stupid.

3. Yes, I’ll give you a ride. Do you need money?

2. Do your best. Don’t worry about anyone else.

1. Boys are stupid.


  1. Another important answer that dad’s should give (for any sex related question) — this was always my dad’s stock phrase for any sex-related convo to his 5 daughters — “YOUR BODY IS A TEMPLE”. 🙂

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