Musings Of Loss and Love and Life

It has been a while. Now it seems we were both so young, our entire lives ahead of us.

You were sunshine personified. I was the moon.

Every day you made me laugh. You made me smile. 

We built dreams of a life and of a love.

Then you were gone.

There would have been a lifetime to turn you into a creature of the night.

But you were sunshine.

Losing someone you love is like losing part of your heart and soul. The love is always there. The memories never go away. Then there are the doubts, the fears, the anger and sorrow. Then it just seems weird and I still can’t get a handle on the death thing. I fear for those I love. I want to over protect them but I let them fly while my heart almost stops.

But as you would have wished life goes on, new joy, new dreams, new desires – and the time we had was ours alone, frozen in that time forever. 

But the world has changed. You would never believe it.

I was thinking of you and the ghost came and sat next to me on my back deck. “I wish I knew where he was, you know, so I could let you know he is ok,” said the phantom in the black suit.

“He’s ok. I already know that much – in my heart and soul. At this point it doesn’t matter exactly WHERE he is. We’ve both moved on. We moved on  a long time ago, but I owe it to my friend not to forget.”

“That’s a good thing.” The ghost looked up a the stars.

“Yes, it is.”

In memory of my dear friend JEE 1856-1886

~ Juliette

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