Dogs and Cats Behaving Badly

This has nothing to do with Vampires or Halloween…a little about parenting…

It could be the impending change in the weather…

But lately our pets have been doing funny, well not so funny, things.
The dog, who have NEVER looked at the garbage can is now getting into the recycle bag when we’re asleep and redecorating the floor with it.
She is also eating cat food without shame as fast and as often as she can. I swear, the person who starts to make cat food flavored dog food will be as rich as Bill Gates if they do it.
The younger cat, a lovely male cat, is howling all night and day, moon or no moon. He has also started to pee where he should NOT be peeing. This isn’t going over well.
No changes but the weather. They like everyone who comes over. Granted it has been busy but…
The Calico cat is just fine and behaving normally – which sounds odd because there is NOTHING normal about a cat.
Oh well.
On the Halloween Front  – the kids are having a Nightmare Before Christmas Party tonight. Fun stuff.
~ Happy Friday everyone and we’ll have some real horror and some interesting stories from my family history later in the weekend.


2 thoughts on “Dogs and Cats Behaving Badly

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