Bright Blessings of a Brooding Vampire Mom

My children are the social butterflies but I am usually a quiet one.

Sure I can be forward when it comes to a hunt, but just “being” I am quiet. Unfortunately I am greatly annoyed by those who are not quiet. I swear my brain starts to hurt when I’m at the kids sport practice or other events involving those loud mothers. You know the type who make my nocturnal Vampire soul wish I could crawl away in a crypt rather than spend one more second…

Be thankful if you have a happy teen with a sunny disposition and a good outlook.

“Mom, don’t let everything bother you.” my darling teens tell me.

Yes there are time when we can learn from our children. Of course there are times when it would feel so good to just rip out a throat.

My children are sunshine in a dark brooding world. They are goodness and smiles and joy.

For a modern Vampire mom, or any kind of mom, that is a blessing indeed.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


2 thoughts on “Bright Blessings of a Brooding Vampire Mom

    • Thank you Jimmy. Yes we do celebrate Thanksgiving (see my previous posts)! But we’re not having our guests for dinner this year (he he he). Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Hope it’s the best!


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