Vampire Maman – Ink Master (Trying My Hand at Tattoo Design)

Oh no, we got hooked on Ink Masters – the show (SPIKE) where 12 Master Tattoo Artists compete for $100,000 to become INK MASTER.

That isn’t such a bad thing because it inspired me to draw up my own ink designs.

I used to draw – a lot. I still do some illustrations professionally, but not a lot of personal work. This pushed me to sit down with paper, a sort of dull pencil, an eraser and a Sharpie pen and have a half hour of creative fun last night. Hey, if  you’re a mom, any alone time creative fun is a good thing. It is a very very very good thing.

So here is my first go at a Vampire Maman Tattoo design. I’m still working on the hand. The script is rough. The little girl has an ugly face. And NO don’t mistake this with any characters from Twilight (gag). I drew those faces and erased each about 10 times. But over all I like it.

I’ll be doing more. It was really fun. Maybe even show some in color if I have time. But right now I’m happy amusing myself and my husband and kids with paper and pen. Not skin and needle (not yet).

And remember my regular human friends…Life is too short to get bad ink.

Vampire Maman Tattoo Design Round 1

13 thoughts on “Vampire Maman – Ink Master (Trying My Hand at Tattoo Design)

  1. Juliette, I think your tattoo prototype is fantastic except for the hearts. It’s just a little too ironic. Also, the girl although you say her face is “ugly” it depicts her precocity through the eyes. Well done my friend. Shasta

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  3. I have tattoos and I admire the artists who do such amazing work. Sometimes its hard to tell the difference from the photo and the tattoo! I also know how hard it was for these talented artistes to get to the next level. Keep practicing Vampire Maman, you have talent, but you need to work at it. xxxx

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  5. Thanks for all of your comments everyone! As you all know this is just for fun. I posted an exceptionally silly post of the “finished piece” . Well, OK, finished in PhotoShop.


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