On the couch

People often comment on how close my daughter and I are. I feel close in our little tribe. We’re close without being clannish. We’re close but make sure we don’t suffocate each other. We just enjoy the company of each other without being needy. I wouldn’t have it any other way. My kids will one day fly and I’m teaching them how, but we’ll always be close.

We’re like the Simpsons opening scene, including all of the crazy things that happen right before it. Or more like the final scene in the movie The Descendants when they’re all sitting on the couch passing the ice cream, just being together. The scene from The Descendants choked me all up. Yes, even I got all blurry eyed at that last scene. I love that movie.

We pile up on the couch, joined by the cats and the dog. We talk. We watch TV and movies. My husband records Sunday Morning and we’ll watch it in the evenings. He calls the kids and they have to watch the end when they show the clip from nature. If any cute animals come on any program they MUST put down all electronics and come watch.

My kids do the same with their friends, a perfect pile of trust and friendship.

When I was a kid, before TV, before electronics, before a lot of stuff, my dad and I used to swim at night. We’d go out on those 100 degree (F) summer nights and float in the pond on our backs under the night sky and talk. From time to time we still do that.

Just spending time, just a little time, doing nothing, but just being is all it takes, to be family. Even if you aren’t related. Even if you’re a Vampire.

red couch

sectionalvictorian white blue couch black_vampire_sofa


  1. Priceless! My daughter and I are close too and have always been. Now I am a grandmother, and I am close to the little one. Can’t tell you what it means to me. It is the most important thing in the whole, wide world. And I know, that you know how lucky we are!

  2. My son and I watch Star Trek together. We hang out together. We skate together. I’m happy that we like spending time together. I hope it remains so as he gets older.

  3. What a cool blog post. 🙂
    Why in all the world do the words “couch” and “vampire” always make me think about the lady, being kissed and bitten by a beautiful male vampire with bloody fangs? *chuckle*

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