The twisted path down that dark alley my kids will never know…

night street

I prefer that my children learn from the mistakes of others, told by their parents…and not from my mistakes. It will be a long time before my kids know of all of MY mistakes.

We can come clean with our kids but not until they move out and finish college and get jobs and GROW UP. And then, maybe then I will tell them my long and tortured journey. Actually some parts were quite fun, but I wasn’t as smart or savvy as I’m raising my children to be.

So the point of this blog is that we don’t have to tell our kids everything about our past or even our present. It is none of their business, period.

Of course there are things they need to know. They need to know not to stay alone with crazy uncle Jeb because he’ll spit blood on them and if provoked undress and dance around naked because he is insane. Right now he is locked up. He is also a distant relative through marriage but he might show up on their door one of these days. One never knows about these things.

They need to know about their families. They need to know that their dad wasn’t born a Vampire. They need to know the stories we feel they’ll learn from. They need to know the stories that will make them proud of who they are and proud of who their parents are.

They don’t need to know how their mom and Uncle Val almost got themselves killed about a dozen times by doing stupid things. They don’t need to know that we once stayed in a brothel (not as customers) that was run by Vampires and all of the customers paid in blood and money. They don’t need to know about all of their parents past lovers or bad break ups or private things.

They don’t need to know a lot of things.

That said, as long as our children are in our care and under our roof we need to know everything about their lives. They might be teens. They might be more responsible than most and smarter than most – but they are still children.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman




  1. A most wise post filled with a caring wisdom of concern and protectiveness. One wishes for parents that are of your philosophy Juliette. Your children, I hope they realize what good parenting they are receiving with your love. Beautifully said. 🙂 jk

  2. “That said, as long as our children are in our care and under our roof we need to know everything about their lives.” …..even if they don’t like it !!!
    Great thoughts, Juliette. You’re right that they don’t need to know everything about us – just enough to respect us, and let us keep them safe. Mine are all out of the house now, and I don’t envy you raising teens in today’s social environment.

  3. When I was in college, my mother worried about my dating life (I didn’t have one), but I think she thought I was just keeping boyfriends secret. I told her that she didn’t need to worry. I wasn’t lying. Guys weren’t interested. But she said, “Look, you’re allowed to keep certain things private. Just as I’m allowed to keep certain things private. We don’t have to know everything about each other.” Then she went on about not getting pregnant, not getting an STD, not dropping out of college, not getting involved with the kind of guy who would ruin my dreams, and such. (We had a similar talk about these rules when I was a teen too, but she liked to remind me on a regular basis.)

    Mostly I remember considering that idea–what we should or shouldn’t keep secret, and that even mom’s have things they don’t need/want to share.

    1. I remember some very cryptic Victorian talks that ended up leading nowhere. I guess that’s why talking about issues and just about everything is so important to me now. Sigh.

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