Vampire Maman Fashion

Our shirts will arrive sometime soon. How cool is that? Especially the second design.

I will wear mine with a black blazer, jeans and one of my zillion pairs of black shoes and of course just right dangling earrings.


13 thoughts on “Vampire Maman Fashion

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  2. I have the right dangly black earrings to go with that shirt! Some nice vampire sent them to me and her daughter picked them out, how cool is that! 🙂 (thanks)

    • I’ve been having some technical issues as well. At home where we have horrible internet service I can’t get half of the WordPress functions. I can’t view blogs I follow. I can’t even use Chrome or Firefox anymore. When I’m somewhere else, several other places, I can get a full functioning WordPress. Glad you like it!

  3. Interesting. My bathroom has many black butterflies, and a few white ones too. Don’t know if any are vampire butterflies. How can you tell?

    Story ideas coming to mind.

    • I often use the butterfly or moth image in my posts because they are both beautiful and mysterious. Moths are attracted to light and flame in the darkness. In some cultures the butterfly is the symbol of the soul or rebirth or joy. If one just happens to be the rare Vampire butterfly it will never tell.

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