Good Friends and Men in Dark Suits…

You know those times when a friend is talking to you over a glass of wine after work and all you can do is look at his wrist for the perfect vein.

I shouldn’t go out hungry.

I occasionally meet with a group of friends a few times a month, usually when the husband and kids are busy. Regular Human friends. Sometimes more than friends (why I’m looking for veins).

Anyway, I’m sitting with my friend Tray waiting for the rest of the group when he says, “the weirdest thing happened to me today. I was asked if I knew anything about Vampires.”

“What?” I looked up from his arm. “Who asked you that?”

“They said they were investigating the disappearance of Mike and Melissa.”

Mike and Melissa were friends of ours. They still are friends. Anyway, they’ve vanished off the face of the Earth, or so it seemed, one night when their car broke down on an isolated highway.  Unknow to everyone else…our friends  turned into Zombies and with help from another friend (me) avoided being captured and returned back to Area Z. But Tray didn’t have a hint of any of that.

“Why’d they ask you about Vampires?” I knew Tray didn’t have the answer but I asked anyway.

“I don’t know. They said they believed I might know people who walked more on the dark side, alternative life style.”

“You’re the most un-goth guy I know.”

“I know. It was weird.”

“Do you have beautiful women coming to your room at night biting your neck?”

“I wish.” He laughed and almost blushed.

I looked at his neck. Nice veins that I knew well. Trey was such a sweetheart too. A+ too – my favorite.

Anyway he looked up and smiled at someone who just showed up and shook hands. I turned around and there was my brother Val. I didn’t know he knew these friends of mine. Then Mattie and Lilly showed up and Jason. All professionals in their mid 30’s, early 40’s.

I stood up and gave friendly hugs and kissed my brother.

“Where do you two know each other?” They asked.

“We’re siblings.” Val said putting his arm around my shoulder. They all saw the resemblance, brown hair, hazel eyes, cute noses, pale skin and our dazzling smiles with those cute pointed eye teeth. Yes indeed.

By then I was ready to take Tray for a walk, my stomach was about to jump out and eat me.

But I wanted to know more about those men in suits.

They’d all been visited by them. Tray at his job with the Justice department, Mattie at her law firm, Lilly in her design studio and Jason in his hair salon. Then they all asked if Val and I had met the men in suits.

“Sure,” said Val “but they’re way off course. Vampires? Really? They’re looking for either a cult or some sort of code word. We’re all professionals who happen to be hip, smart and interesting. We’re open for new ideas and the avant garde.”

“Don’t take these guys lightly. They know more about you than you think. They aren’t too far off from a Twilight episode. I’m serious.” And I was serious. I’m glad my friends were smart enough to listen, not to mention that I planted the seed in their brains to take it seriously. People don’t realize that Vampire friends really do look out for their safety.

We talked more, but I kept looking at Tray. Then I noticed Val talking close to Lilly, in a friendly way that was more intimate. Her blue eyes gazed into his as he brushed a strand of bottle blonde hair behind her ear.

The sun went down and we talked for a few hours, speculating on the existence of Vampires and other such nonsense. Val and Lilly eventually left, no doubt to go back to her house.

Tray walked me to my car and asked me how Teddy and the kids were doing. I asked him how he was doing after his breakup with his girlfriend. He was doing ok but we talked some more. I know he’d find someone new and special and wonderful, but I didn’t think he believed that. At least not yet.

Then we talked about how much we missed Mike and Melissa. Maybe one day I could tell him the truth, but that was still a long way off.

At that point I didn’t have the heart to sink my teeth into any part of him. Sometimes we just need to be friends, even if we are Vampires.

And all the way home I watched my rear mirror for a car containing men in suits. The fun never ends.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

For those who missed it the first time around: A Lunch Date With Zombies (featuring Mike, Melissa and Cody)


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