I think of how they met

romanceI think of how they met,

The summer of 1699

My parents had different versions

But all versions

No matter how many times they changed

Ended up the same.

And eventually here and now,

Five children and several centuries later,

Founders of modern Vampire Culture and lore

Oh to be a bat on the wall of their history…a witness to it all.

Vampire Heart

He said it was the darkest of moonless nights,

She said she was running across the park

Under the King’s trees.


Both said it was love at first sight.


They recognized each other for what they were,

Creatures of the night

Beautiful predators

Believers in a new age

A philosophy of reason and choice

A light in their darkness

A truth to their spirits.


Along the path they walked,

Quietly talking

Quietly thinking

That she was beautiful

That he was stunning

That they belonged



More posts about my Vampire parents:

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


9 thoughts on “I think of how they met

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  3. I often forget that the Age of Enlightenment was that era. We tend to think of this age as the “modern” era but there have been many modern eras. Once again, you’ve reminded me that, for us, live is fleeting but always new.

    • The official “Modern Vampire” movement happened much later…but last time we were in London and looked over the tops of the building I thought of them (my Vampire parents). It was sort of mind boggling that they were THERE when those buildings were new. Like you said, fleeting but always new.


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