Glorious Shoes!
Glorious Shoes!

When I go into a shoe story I get a craving, a lusting, a desire like a Vampire desires blood, like an addict desires a fix, like an art thief desires a Di Vinci.

I can’t explain the physical and emotional attraction I have to shoes.

Maybe it started with the black velvet shoes I had when I was only five years old. I can remember the wonder and joy I had putting on those shoes. I was transported to anywhere I wanted to go in those black velvet shoes with the bows and leather trim. They were beautiful and magical.

Heels and open toes I crave. Anything with a bow or a Mary Jane strap. Anything black.

One can never have too many pairs of black shoes.

Yet, summer, winter, spring and fall, I leave the hundred pairs outside to slip on the worn leather flip flops that stay by my front door.

But then again there are the black pumps that have taken me on so many adventures day and night. I’ve had them resoled several time and reheeled. Resouled has more than one meaning here.

I could go on, but it isn’t the shoes but the souls that matter and the journey of the soul… even if you’re a Vampire. That said – make sure you’re wearing great shoes!

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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And don’t forget to come back soon for “Short Story Sunday” a regular feature on Vampire Maman and more musings about  your favorite Modern Vampires.


  1. I love those shoes. They’re hot! As for me, I normally don’t buy peep toes. But sometimes they’re just sexy. Like these here. 🙂
    Nice post Juliette!

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