Best in small doses.

“Others keep telling me that I need to write a book about the events of my life. I’d much rather write about others and confine my own life to the pages of a blog. Nobody wants to read an entire book about something that is best taken in small doses. That something is me. I’m best in small doses.” My brother Andy said that to me with a straight face. I wanted to roll my eyes but politely gave him a slight smile.

Andrew is the most intense of my siblings so yes, he is best in small doses. Well, in person. He’d make a great book because you can put a book down, close it, forget it, write notes in it, put it on a shelf and get back to it when you are good and ready, all the while dearly loving and treasuring it.

I have four older brothers. We’re all different, yet we’re all part of a whole that was created by my parents and their parents and everyone else. We share DNA but we also shared experiences, each in our own unique way.

We look the same and in some ways act the same, and in a lot of ways we don’t. We have separate lives but even when we’re thousands of miles away both physically and mentally we’re still part of each other, connected by a weird bond that is difficult to even explain.

I’m least like Andy. I’ve even told others “I am NOTHING like Andrew.”

That said…

About 12 years ago for Halloween I a woman, dressed as a man dressed like a woman. I wore a coat from 1932 with a mink collar and black wool fabric. Under that was a black leather mini skirt, fish net stockings, black heels and a low cut black shirt and a push up bra. I glued on chest hair. A lot of fake chest hair. And to top it off I had my hair around my shoulders in soft waves, a pill box hat, round rose colored glasses (I believe they were purchased in 1923) and a fake mustache. It was weird and and wonderful and a lot of fun and a little bit creepy even for me.

Anyway, as I was about to leave the house when my husband took a second look and said “You look exactly like Andy.”

It was uncanny. I looked in the mirror right into my own eyes and I saw my brother. I glanced away and he vanished (as Vampire reflections will do).

But even when the reflection had vanished I know that Andy and the rest of my brothers will always be with me, just a bit, as I will be with them.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


4 thoughts on “Best in small doses.

  1. I am just the opposite as you, with four younger sisters. If I grew my hair out, I’d look just like all of them…. well, except for sister #2. We tease her that she was the mailman’s kid… 😉

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