Halloween Hotties #6: Vintage Witches

No words of introduction are needed for these Halloween ladies…


Halloween Hotties is a regular feature through Halloween:

Halloween Hotties #1 – Vincent Price

Halloween Hotties #2 – Movie Vampires

Halloween Hotties #3 – Werewolves

Halloween Hotties #4 – Witches (TV and Movie)

Halloween Hotties #5 – Ghosts (part one)

9 thoughts on “Halloween Hotties #6: Vintage Witches

  1. What is it that makes us want to superimpose witches over lovely femme fatale s ? I have long wondered whether this has something to do with the dark side of guilt that we carry within?


    • It has everything to do with fun and dressing up in silly costumes and imagining a different sort of place where there is magic and all sorts of silly stuff. Plus the tradition of pin-up girls always takes on holiday themes, including Halloween.

    • Yes she is. I featured her on the first Halloween Hotties witch post. Check out the links and you’ll find her there. She was beautiful, bewitching and a class act all the way!

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