Halloween Hotties #5: Ghosts (part 1)

You know how I feel about ghosts in real life, but in the movies we can forget the fact that they are rude and make rude hand gestures and act like I’m the one people are creeped out about. Hey, I’m just a Vampire, not some weird thing without a real body. Anyway…

The hottest ghost ever was played by Rex Harrison in the Ghost and Mrs. Muir.

If you haven’t seen this movie you MUST see it before Halloween. Just trust me on this one. Oh my goodness!



But for just fun and naughty games there is the ghost in High Spirits played by Niam Neeson. Yowza.


Not all ghosts are hot but you gotta love this guy!


And yes, you know my history with ghosts or one particular ghost… I haven’t seen him around lately.

Just think of ghosts as hot guys who aren’t really there.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Halloween Hotties is a weekly feature through Halloween:

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7 thoughts on “Halloween Hotties #5: Ghosts (part 1)

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