When everyday seems like Halloween…










October will be here in a few hours! Time for scary things.

I have refrained from the darker side of Vampire life. I was brought up not to talk about things like that in polite society. But we all know we talk about it ALL THE TIME.

Face it, sooner or later Vampire kids, those who are brought up to be Modern Vampires have to hear of what goes on in the darker circles of our population. We can’t protect them from everything but we can give them the tools to deal with it. We can teach them good judgement. We can not only tell them what NOT to do but WHY they shouldn’t do it and the consequences. We can teach them not to associate with members of certain circles of the Vampire population. That is what happens when you live in a world where everyday is Halloween.

Then again I know a lot of Regular Humans who live like it is always Halloween so I guess my point isn’t too unique to Vampire Teens.

You know how, sometime when you’re just sitting around and some weird memory comes to mind and you think “I would never tell my kids that.” Well, that happened today.

I was thinking about a guy that I knew. It was more than a guy. He was minor royalty. He wanted to be a Vampire. I played with him. I led him on. I even thought about granting his wish. He was fun and sort of dangerous in that bad boy sort of way and he was gorgeous.

One night I showed up at his house. He had a surprise for me. I thought of his surprises. Once it had been one of his friends with a rather nice neck. One time it had been a pair of ruby earrings.  I couldn’t guess.

He took me to a bedroom where he presented me with two very small children. They couldn’t have been more than two years old, sweet and perfect, sleeping like angels. “I brought you babies, the sweetest babies, for your enjoyment.”

“Are these your children?” I knew the answer but dared not show my true feelings.

“I bought them for you.” He told me that as if it was normal. “Like the finest lamb or veal. They’re yours to enjoy.”

I took the children without taking a drop of blood from them. They were placed in loving homes and never remembered a thing of that night. I never saw my lover again. Nobody ever saw him again. Not even one drop of his blood. Imagine that.

It wasn’t the first time something like that had happened. It won’t be the last, but we’ve tried to be civil. We try to not do harm. It is our way in our circles.

That was October, 1880.  A lot of ugly things existed in the world then and still do now. We talk to our kids about what we hear in the news and what goes on with those we don’t associate with…but all the while…

While we protect our children we must also let them know that the world isn’t always  rainbows and puppy dogs. I know I’ve said that before. They need to go out in the world prepared with open eyes, and we need to teach them from our own experiences. Maybe not tell them everything, but you know where I’m going on this.

So, Halloween is coming and I’ll try to get some fun stories of adventures we’ve had that are scary and fun… but there are some things that are too scary and too sad for this blogger to put down here.

And now that you’re all depressed… You know I’m tough and can handle bad situations, but I’d rather live the life of a comfortable wimp who seduces to get my blood rather than putting fear into the hearts of everyone I meet.

But I promise some fun in October and plenty of Vampire fun! Really, I’ll try to stay away from these depressing musings (ok maybe not but keep coming back just to check in for the funny stuff.)

Alright, twist my arm, maybe we’ll have some scary stuff…

So I’ll end with a joke:

A Vampire goes into a bar with a bat. The bartender says “You need to take that thing to the zoo.” The Vampire says “We went to the zoo yesterday. We’re going to the movies today.”

I just looked up from my computer to see the ghost standing outside the window, leaning on the deck rail looking up at the starts. He just flipped me off. Damn him. I’m going to flip him out and show him some fangs. Serves him right. Like I said, it is always like Halloween around here.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

5 thoughts on “When everyday seems like Halloween…

  1. Weird… sometimes I think I can sense a certain sympathy for the ghost – and then, again, you can’t stand him… I wonder if that trace of sympathy only existed in my imagination?

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