Halloween Hotties: Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell 7A lot of people know this guy from Evil Dead or Burn Notice…

That hair, that chin, that face…

But no matter what he is in Bruce Campbell is ALWAYS noticed, and is one smoking hot Halloween Hottie!

No the smoke isn’t from fighting off zombies and other creatures; it is from the sheer presence of Bruce Campbell.

Yes, indeed. These photos don’t do him justice.  You have to see him in action and hear that voice.

Whew, turn off the smoke alarm and bring out the hoses!

For the complete filmography go to the official real Bruce Campbell web site:



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Halloween Hotties is a special October feature of Vampire Maman

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    1. I have to admit that I’ve never seen Army of Darkness. I will have to get the kids together for a movie night (for their cultural education). Bruce Campbell is awesome!

  1. *giggle*… dearest Juliette… how about the “one and only” Edward Cullen? Please, please, please… I can’t help myself… but I can’t STAND Bruce Campbell… maybe I’m weird?

    1. Edward Cullen always seems sort of dirty to me (as in unwashed) but I know millions of ladies won’t agree with me. But Halloween isn’t here yet so there are still a few Halloween Hotties I haven’t covered yet. One is Alex O’Laughlin playing Mick St. John in the series Moonlight. He was my all time favorite TV Vampire (I think film too.)

      1. *chuckle* dirty…
        From what rumors say, Mr. Pattinson runs around unshowered for days… that’s what made me laugh just now.
        Alex O’Laughlin, hm? Such a hottie… you’re right… Vampire or not – I’d like to meet him somewhere at Midnight. *grin*

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