Boys are Stupid, Chapter 39

Clara (14): So what happens when she breaks up with you and you get all butt hurt and can’t stand to see her face but you know you’re going to keep running into her for the next 200 years?

Garrett (17): Go away Clara.


Garrett is my romantic soul. He adores girls. They adore him.

Clara is still annoyed at the whole thing. I know she has had a crush or two. I know she likes the attention she gets from boys, but she sees teen relationships as something that gets in the way of everything else. Her dad told her not to be too hard on her friends who have boyfriends/girlfriends. Not so judgmental.

Garrett just tells her to shut up. And then again, sometimes he talks to her late into the night about life and love…solving the world’s problems. That is something teens do well, maybe better than the most of us. But none the less, Clara still thinks boys are stupid (for the most part.)


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

red heart


  1. Good for her. If she starts thinking books are stupid, then it’s time to worry. PapaBear may be right. My wife had a 15 year old student who liked to write “boys before books!” on her papers.

    1. She is such a funny and fun kid, but serious when it comes to life choices. Boys before books? Does one have to make that choice? But I can tell you there are times when I’ve enjoyed an evening with a good book better than some boys I’ve known…then again that is another story…

    1. She is more mature than most kids her age and not one to fly off into a fantasy romance land. And well, all the boys in her school are stupid (every single one of them.) She says by the time they’re all Juniors and Seniors they’ll be smart and “hot” so she is just waiting. LOL. I swear the logic of teens is magic (and sometimes pretty smart)

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