I believe in you… said the ghost nobody else could see.

Crazy Ghost Band


The bit of rain and cool weather earlier this week has ended. Now we’re left with hot air and hot breezes. Still, I had to go out on my back deck to have a glass of wine and open my eyes to the night.

Everyone was out. The husband and kids had gone out to the water park. Yes, Vampires at a water park. Hey, this is 2014 and summer is here. We’re not going to spend our nights lurking around in the heat. Plus school starts next week. I just wanted a little bit of time alone to take care of a few things and just to be alone for a bit.

A cold wind blasted my face and I opened my eyes. Standing there in front of me was Nigel, the Ghost. How long had it been? Weeks? Maybe months since I’ve seen him? He gave me an evil look, then a big smile. Typical Nigel.

“Where have you been?” I had to ask.

“Around. You know just checking up on old friends and stuff like that. The frustrating thing is that nobody could see me. I was the life of the party back in the old days. Everybody saw me. Hey, I hear the young Vampire is headed off to college.”

I couldn’t believe this burst of casual conversation from my usually rude friend. As a rule Ghosts are extremely rude and Nigel is no exception.”

“Of course they couldn’t see you,” I said. “They don’t believe in you.”

“More people believe in Ghosts than they believe in Vampires. In fact hardly anyone believes in Vampires.”

“I’m well aware of that fact,” I said.

“They WANT to believe in Ghosts. They want to see us. They do not want to see you.”

“And your point is?” What was his point I wondered.

“Over 45% of American’s believe in Ghosts. Only 4% believe in Vampires.” Nigel said that with a smile as if he was trying to prove something.

“That is a lot higher than I thought it would be, the Vampire statistic. I don’t want people to believe in Vampires. Talk about cramping my style. I mean, there are the 1% who REALLY know we’re real but they don’t talk about it. But you ghosts are such attention whores,” I told him.

Nigel didn’t even flinch and started in on one of his dialogues. “Sometimes I wonder if the people who really believe in Vampires are just Stevie Nicks fans who like the idea of swirling around like little witches or if they’ve read too many…Speaking of weird things. The Weekly World News isn’t in the grocery stores anymore. But I’m sure you already knew that.”

I looked at him leaning against the rail of my deck, his jacket thrown over the edge, loose geometric patterned silk tie over a white shirt and black slacks. His black hair fell across his forehead in spiky bangs. I noticed a nasty looking gash under his hair.

“What happened to you?” I asked almost reaching up to touch my transparent friend.

He put his hand to his head. “My head hit the dashboard – one of the contributing factors to my death. No airbags and I don’t even remember if I was wearing a seat belt.” The mark vanished as he spoke. He stopped talking and looked me up and down. “You look good Juliette. I mean, for a dead person.”

“I’m not exactly dead,” I said, annoyed at his basic misunderstanding about Vampires.

“You’re not exactly alive,” he answered with a look of disgust. I said nothing. There was nothing I could say. That is exactly why I hate Ghosts.

“I gave you a compliment. I like the dress,” said Nigel.

“Thanks.” I took a sip of my wine wishing it had blood in it.

“How have you been dear Juliette?”

“OK. What’s up with you. Who asks a Vampire how she has been?”

“I do.” He smiled. “I’m a Ghost. Ghosts are curious. And, you’re my friend.”

I put my hand out palm up. Nigel the ghost put his hand on top of mine. I could feel the energy from his spirit. He laughed out loud. “You’re so cold.”

“Like a dead thing,” I said. “Just like a dead thing.”

“That’s why I love you dear friend. That is why I love you.” Then like the Cheshire cat he dissolved, except for his smile, which hung in the air for a fraction of a second, then he laughed vanishing into the night.



~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman




  1. OMG. You missed him, right? I know you wondered where he was… and here he is again!! Were you happy to see him? And finally becoming his friend? 😉

    1. Some friendships grow out of the weirdest things, no matter how different you are you come to an understanding and come to trust. That said most ghosts still creep me out.

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