Short Story Sunday: Samantha’s Heart – A Vampire Story

He squinted at the light in his eyes. What was this place? There were sounds of metal against metal, cutting, cracking. The smell of blood, fear and excitement filled his nose.

On the table beside him she lay, her chest open exposing her heart. What fiend had captured them.

A man looked at him. He recognized the well dressed man from earlier that night. He’d been at the party.

The man, his name was Thompson, glanced over at Aaron. “The male is conscience.”

“Ignore him for now. Note how her heart isn’t beating.” The voice was from another. Dr. Warren. Dr. George Warren.

“She looks like an angel,” said Thompson.

“Far from i,” said the Doctor. “She is evil personified. That is unless we can harness her power and keep her under our command.”

Then he turned to his companions. “Watch.” The man took a knife and cut his own hand. Blood dropped on the still heart of woman. It started to slowly beat. Her eyes moved under long lashes.

“The world sees a beautiful woman, in the glory of her maidenhood but I see…”

“For the love of God stop. Let her alone.” Aaron gasped trying to break his restraints. His head ached. What had they done to him?

The man in charge turned to Aaron in surprise. “Love her? Can your kind feel love? Can you believe in God?”

“She is my mother.”

The four man who had gathered for the experiments looked at Aaron in shock.

The door opened. A slight young man with white blonde hair came in. He was a sight wearing the most stylish of suits and round rose colored glasses. “Excuse me gentlemen, I’ve come to extract my companions from your sorry clutches.”

He removed his glasses and waved his hand in front of his face. “Don’t look me in the eye, whatever you do, please do not look me in the eye.”

All four men looked the young man in the eye, then they fainted cold onto the stone floor.

“That sort of stupidity never ceases to amaze me.” He then went to the woman strapped to the table.

“Samantha, darling.” He kissed her forehead, then took off his jacket and started to repair the damage.

Never in his life had Aaron felt such panic and so much hate for the men who had harmed his mother.

Tellias, the blonde Vampire made a slight shushing noise, as one makes with a child. He untied Aaron from his bonds. “Aaron, she will recover. Please if you will, get me one of those cups over there on the far cabinet and fill it with blood. When you’re done with that find her clothing. If they cut if off of her then find something else.” Then he put the palm of his hand on his forehead as if thinking or in great pain, then he looked back at Aaron. “Did they violate her, other than cutting open her chest, did they try, attempt or…”

“No. They thought about it, each in his own way.” Aaron stopped. Even Vampires feel, in extreme cases, as if they’re going to cry real tears.

“This is highly unusual dear boy. How old are you? Twenty five? This should not have happened. Your mother is usually more cautious. I’m somewhat shocked. My poor dears, one never knows what dangers lurk around in the light.” Tellias put his hand out to Aaron. “Stick out your tongue.” He wiped his finger on Aaron’s tongue then smelled it. “I should have guessed. Humming bird heart. I don’t know what it is about those little hummers that can put a Vampire out cold. A rarely known fact.”

“Why would they do this to us, to her?”

“Curiosity, fear, ignorance. Dr. Warren will say that it is science but is it? He had a sense of carnal satisfaction cracking open the chest cavity of a beautiful female Vampire. She wouldn’t give him her heart so he decided to take it another way.”

Aaron thought of his parents who’d been together since the 17th century. “Dr. Warren knew she was married and in love with my father.”

“HA! Has that ever stopped anyone? People hate what they cannot have. They hate what they covet. They hate what they desire the most. Only he did not know you were her son. He assumed you were a brother or maybe another lover. Ignorant fool.”

“He was going to rip out her heart,” said Aaron in a whisper, still in shock over the events of the night.

Tellias shook his blonde head. “You see what they do to each other? They’re horrible creatures.”

“You’re so calm.”

“Only on the outside. I love the two of you to my core. For two thousand years I’ve been dealing with this sort of nonsense. Nonsense is the wrong word to use. It is nonsense but it is insanity. I’ve seen them nail each other to crosses, burn each other alive, cut off limbs, imprison each other, kill children, molest and defile each other in every way imaginable. Not just physical damage but also the most vile of mental cruelties; things we can’t even imagine or make up.”

The Vampires quickly (for Vampires do most things quickly) took care of the damage to Samantha and had a feast at the expense of the men who’d taken them captive.

This story could have been much longer or more detailed, but this is “Short Story Sunday,” and I write these on Sunday mornings.

It took a while for Samantha to recover. Luckily she was surrounded with the love of her husband and others who love her.

There have been so many adventures and strange happenings in my family, but then again most families have volumes of weird stories. Think about it.

For the most part, just be thankful for those in your life who are there for you, because no matter what, for most of us there are a lot more people there to help than not.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman 




6 thoughts on “Short Story Sunday: Samantha’s Heart – A Vampire Story

  1. You’re right, it could have been longer… I wish I would know how it all started that made Samantha nearly lose her heart…
    But I love what I read!! 🙂


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