School starts Thursday and I’ve lost my train of thought…and my car keys.

School starts Thursday.

Last year started out as a trip to Bedlam asylum, complete with Boris Karloff. It ended out being a pretty good year with a lot of smiles and friendships that will last forever. Best of all the kids LEARNED stuff.

I wrote a 1,500 word rehash on all the weirdness of last school year. It turned into a lecture on teaching children early on and about reputation and the company they keep. All lessons based on experience and grounded common sense. See what I mean, it sounds like a lecture. Needless to say I did not post THAT tonight. You’ve been spared.

We didn’t think of the future much when we were kids. I didn’t. Maybe the boys did. I knew the future would be full of bright dreams and lace dresses and that it would all fall together as soon as I arrived in Paris with my paints. That was just one dream. I’d be educated but with little use for my knowledge, at least not at first. Save that thought. Everything you learn will be useful one day. Your brain is like a toolbox. You never know what tool you’ll need, but when you need that weird obscure tool you’ll be glad you have it.

Anyway… see, this post is leading in the same direction. Absolutely nowhere. Or somewhere, like inside of a shoebox or the back of a coat closet (no trap door to another world either, just coats, umbrellas, old guitars, blueprints and sun hats.)

So, where was I?


School starts Thursday.

It will be a good year.

Better than the year I turned 16 when one of my friends almost killed my future husband, but that is another post, another day, and another time.

Someone is asking about a misplaced backpack so I have to sign out.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman




Just think - your teens could be listening to this crap.

Just think – your teens could be listening to this crap.




10 thoughts on “School starts Thursday and I’ve lost my train of thought…and my car keys.

  1. We’re trying to hire staff, I’m buying lots of equipment, and preparing to train the new staff members on how to evaluator 15 million square feet of space in one of the largest school districts in the country. The start of the school year is a lot of work for me, and my kid, who never went to public school (home schooled), is developing mobile apps for the evaluators to use in the field.

  2. School there already??? It doesn’t start in Central Oregon until the day after Labor Day each year. We need to squeak out as much summer as we can in this climate! I’m busy moving, but hope to catch up with you more later! xoxo

    • It still seems weird starting in August. Thank goodness the schools are air conditioned. We don’t have school busses so the walk and/ or bike/board/skate home is hot . Yes come on back soon . I’m looking forward to yournew post. Hope youpr new home
      Is full of love ( and no ghosts.)

  3. School starts tomorrow here, which means the new seniors will be partying it up outside Mecca all night long tonight… a tradition I don’t seem to recall from my school days many, many decades ago….

    • Jeeze. I’m sure you’re looking forward to that. The ones around here are celebrating by climbing on the roof of the school. Sigh. Most are just hanging out inside with their selfless or getting in one last night at the water park.

  4. School doesn’t start for weeks here. And may not start, as the Provincial Government is gearing up to keep the Teacher’s Strike going. It makes me angry, because it’s politics affecting my kids – Middle Weasel is starting High School this time, and that’s hard enough to do without strikes and uncertainty about when you’re going to start.
    School was so different for me, I feel stupid talking to my kids about it, yet they still share some of the problems – finding the time and energy to do the homework, make and keep friends, balance doing what you’re told with doing what makes you happy…And one of the downsides of the wonderful life I’ve got seems to be that none of them considers me successful enough to listen to. Their Mum is an inspiration, because they see her going off to a real job everyday, whereas they know I just write plays and work in the library. What could I really know about how the world works? But I’m living a life I didn’t even dare dream of, and I’m happy about that. I wish them as much joy in their futures, however they choose to build them.

    I hope your school year is fun and joyful too.

    • A strike! Oh no. You’re up in BC aren’t you? About a 10-18 hour drive from my house, depending where you are. Anyway, I know your dear weasels love you (they have to love a dad who blogs and writes other things.) Tell them the funny things and the silly things. They’ll listen. Girls love to talk and listen (at least the ones I know.)

      A friend of mine who lived a long and happy life had three daughters. When people would ask him “Don’t you wish you had a son?” He would say “Why would I want a son when I have three beautiful daughters?”

      And if you write plays you can do anything (I’ve written a few and sometimes I feel like I can almost do anything.)

      Anyway, I have to share a story I thought you might find interesting.

      Thanks for visiting. Come back to my odd little blog anytime!

      • Yep, a lot of that sounds familiar. I’m clicking the ”
        Follow” button, so your blog will drop into my reader whenever you post. Thanks for the kind words, and enjoy the return of school!

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