A little French lesson

The French word “maman,” meaning “mother,” is pronounced “MA-moh.” The second syllable is rather nasal and the final “n” is silent.

I say this because “people” frequently say to me “I read your post on Vampire MahMAN.” Why would I call my blog Vampire MahMAN? Really? That sounds horrible.

So why DO I call the blog Vampire Maman, rather than say, Vampire Mom? Vampire Mom sounds sort of like a cartoon or a joke.

As I was setting up the blog I overhear my daughter talking to one of her French friends. Ah ha. I had a blog name. Plus almost everything sounds good in French.

So remember, silent n. Or you can just call me Vampire Mom or Juliette.



~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



Vampire Maman (look I drew something, a tattoo, now leave me alone)

6 thoughts on “A little French lesson

  1. hehehe… I just LOVED this little post, Juliette. That’s the advantage of speaking French: you pronounce it correctly right away. LOOOOL

  2. Ha! I have always said it in my head as “MAH-mun”, and it will be very hard to get my brain to change from its set ways…

    Reminds me of the member of my other internet community who posted with the name “Jai”. I had been saying in my head as “Hi” (like jai alai) for so long, that when she mentioned once it was actually pronounced “Jay”, it was too late. I still see the name as say “Hi” in my mind…

  3. I’ll give you a pass because you have great taste in small woodland creatures, are a friend of possums and write/draw things that make me laugh out loud.

    I would have done the same with Jai. Around here half of the local names with J are pronounced with an H sound (San Jose, La Jolla, San Juan.) Oh well. Honest mistakes.

    You can say Vampire MAH-mun… just don’t call me Huliette. 🙂

    Or Hul-lee-ey (combining both the Spanish and French.)

    I’d better stop, I could go on all night with this silly stuff…

  4. I did French at school and still remember it to a ‘tourist’ sort of level, so I’m feeling smug that I already knew how to pronounce ‘Maman’ correctly! 😉


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