Short Musings on dogs, my brother Max, Vampires and life

Dogs. My house was full of dogs. Three dogs but their total weight comes to about 350 pounds. 45 of that is my mongeral husky mix, the rest of the dog mass is my brother Max’s two wolfhounds. As soon as I came through the door they were all over me. No aggression, just massive sentiments “I love you more than anything and I’ve never been so excited.”

After the dogs my two cats came running out screaming for food.

My husband Teddy and Max were lounging in front of the TV watching baseball.

Clara was upstairs doing homework with her friends Jasper and Ellie.

In the kitchen I poured a glass of wine and listened in on bits of conversation over the sound of the game.

I noticed Max had let his hair grow longer, a bit over his collar, almost to his shoulders. The women love that. They love Max. Unfortunately, while my brother never needs to spend any time in bed alone, his love life is usually a disaster. Casual time is ok. Serious time is seriously jacked up.

Anyway, he and Teddy were talking about work. It is a nightmare like something out of a horror story. We’ve all had those days but Max is a Vampire who hunts rogue Vampires and bad Vampire Hunters and other creatures of the night. Hard work but he is the best.

That said, we’re all Vampires here at Vampire Maman. Halloween is coming up and so will more tales of Max, Vampires, Vampire Hunters, romance and other scary things.

Some keep checking back. xoxox

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


6 thoughts on “Short Musings on dogs, my brother Max, Vampires and life

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