Life, Love and Halloween

Sometimes I wonder about the paths people take and the talents we’re all given. Sometimes we have talents we don’t even know we have. Sometimes we have talents we love. And sometimes we have talents we don’t like.

I have talents I don’t like and the yearly advent of Halloween always reminds me of that fact.

I came home to find my brother Max was over. For those of you who don’t know the back story, he is my eldest brother and since childhood, Max and my husband Teddy have been best friends. Max  has dedicated his life to hunting the Vampire hunters and protecting Vampires, Werewolves, Regular People and anyone else needing help from unsavory characters that go bump in the night. You know all of those Vampire novels with the smoking hot sexy Vampire guy? My brother Max is that guy. Yes, THAT guy.

Max is a muscular stealth Vampires with the piercing eyes, wild and mysterious good looks and quiet strength. He is also kind of an asshole a lot of the time, but he is also a Vampire with a generous heart and he is damn good at what he does. And he is always, my brother. He never lets me forget that fact based on the amount of advice (aka shit) he dishes out on me. But I can dish it back in triplicate.

I’ve been told that I’m a natural for that line of work Max does, and I sometimes have to deal with weird stuff, but I get too emotional when I have a run in with creepy types. I mean, ok, I could be considered creepy but hey, it is all a matter of opinion and point of view. And it isn’t emotional like I cry and get all squishy. It is emotional like I want to rip heads off. Like I said, everyday is Halloween around here.

We’re hanging out in front of the fire place. There isn’t a fire in it, just a cat tonight who is sleeping. Max tells me about how he is working Halloween and due to a new Anne Rice book about Werewolves he is on double duty, because most Werewolves are sort of geeks at heart and just big loveable dogs so they’re bait on Halloween for people who hunt those like us, those who aren’t Regular Humans. Max doesn’t like Werewolves. He respects them for what they are but he doesn’t like to be around them.

Halloween is great for Vampires. We can go out in public and show off our teeth and everyone loves it. Nobody suspect those neck bites are real. People are happy to see us. The same goes for Werewolves  and all sorts of other types of not so regular folks.

In turn, Halloween is also a danger filled night for Vampires because it is the night all of the Vampire Hunters come out looking for us. Oh boy.  Now I know how black cats feel and it isn’t good.

We’re talking about life and general Vampire stuff. I tell him a weird story, he tells me a weird story, then we talk about our parents. I guess we’re just like any other family.

So I HAVE to ask. “Are you seeing anyone?”

Max takes a sip of his wine (of course we have wine) and takes a deep breath. “I’m always seeing someone.”

“Max, you know what I mean. Someone special.” On a side note, I have four brothers and three of them are single so it is my job as the only girl child to check in on their romantic states.

Max gives me a bit of a scowl. “I’m too busy for a relationship.”

I’m getting the don’t push it Juliette vibe from him.

We talk about my kids and he comments how he worries about them. I reassure him that high school, their school in particular, is a good place to be right now. My husband and I have kept close to the kids and keep a watchful eye, even with our independent Vampire teens.

So yes, everyday is like Halloween when you’re a Vampire, because sometimes love and life in general can seem pretty scary. But like Halloween, everyday can bring a lot of fun and a lot of sweetness.

Have a good weekend everyone and a very Happy Halloween season.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


5 thoughts on “Life, Love and Halloween

  1. Very nice, Juliette. I like how you worry about your brothers – and family in general! I could imagine about Halloween being dangerous for you.
    Oh – and tell Max, I heard it’s good for a Vampire to be in a steady relationship with tons of love involved! Vampires tend to not lose their strength as he might eventually fear – they gain! And even more since they got to protect what they love. At least, that’s how it was told to me…
    Now: don’t ask, I can’t give you my source of information… but after all: You are the vampire… you should know whether or not it’s true, right? 🙂
    Have a GREAT weekend!


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