Quiet times with a friend (and Vampires)

I was standing in line to get coffee with my friend Matthew (Vampire and former shadow creeper). He doesn’t say much. Old fashioned Vampires like Matthew tend to be quiet and sometime unsure themselves outside of bedrooms and other dark places. I’m trying to get him out more.

A couple of women glance over and smile. Yes, he is quite handsome and has that thing that Vampire men have that attracts people. He glances back and one says, “You’re really handsome.”

He told her, in a quiet voice,”you are so sweet.” As he said that his hand took the back of my sweater in an iron death grip. That was fear – a fear of intimacy. Oh boy. I still need to do a lot of work with dear Matthew.

Here is a guy who doesn’t think twice about making love to a woman in the privacy of her bedroom and practically drain all the blood out of her body but he gets shy in public, during the day, doing regular sorts of things – like coffee and flirting.

I guess a lot of us do that in certain situations. Of course we do. Even Vampires get caught off guard.

Matthew never says much. I know he has had some anxiety lately about just about everything.

I thought of my brother who would have left with names and phone numbers.

Matthew and I talked about our kids (his loud funny son, my two loud funny offspring) and the school year so far. So far so good.

Anyway, sometimes in our hectic life it is nice to just spend an hour having coffee with a friend. Maybe by the end of the week we’ll be in dark alleyways and walking down trails stalking night bikers. We might be at bars or art events or just out, but sometimes… in-between, we just need to be.

I write a lot about the quiet times because those times are precious and nice. Just like friends are precious and nice.

Does anyone know of a nice single Vampire lady? I know a nice guy.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman






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