Keeping positive even when things are weird

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I thought about writing a post called “Things You Should Never Do After You Become a Vampire.” I’m having a hard time feeling that one right now.

  • Eat copious amounts of sugar
  • Become a vegan
  • Volunteer to go to Mars
  • Become a serial killer
  • Wear white shoes with black stockings

Huh. Even one of my famous bulleted lists doesn’t bring out the wit in me.

When you live with kids, especially teens, there is always talk about what to do and what not to do.

My daughter is fifteen. Most of her friends are in the 15-16 year old range. This is high school. Things get weird.

One of my daughter’s best friends wants to be a Korean Pop Star. I think it is called K-Pop. These starts are young men with a lot of pretty plastic surgery, trendy clothes and a fun formula for slick music and imagery. Her friend, Ben, is a freckled boy with pale red skin and brown hair. He is handsome. I’m sure his ancestors came from Ireland. He is on the fence about being gay or straight. That is fine with everyone, but Korean? Really Ben? We love our Korean friends but Ben… I’m glad you’re into K-Pop but… this is obsession. You’re creeping your friends out.

His obsession has sent him into a weird fantasy world that has made his friends shrink away as if he was a Zombie. In fact he has become a Zombie except he shuffles along wishing he was a small pretty Korean boy. I wonder how many small pretty Korean boys wish they were tall handsome white guys with freckles?

Most of us have known what it is like to feel a little lost or uncomfortable in our own skin. That is part of growing up. Only a few of us are sure of ourselves all of the time. That said, we can live to accept and even love who we are. Why not love the person you spend the most time with?

So rather than make DON’T lists I should be making DO lists.

Things to do when you’re a teen

  • Explore options.
  • Take advantage of school – it is free and there for you.
  • Laugh.
  • Try something new at least once a week.
  • Ask your parents how they are doing. That will shock the crap out of them but do it anyway.
  • Ask your parents about their high school friends and teachers. That will shock the crap out of them too.
  • Talk to your teachers. They like it when you talk to them. You’ll thank me later for telling you that. Yes, teachers ARE interested in YOU.
  • Talk to your parents. Really. Do it. That is what they are there for.
  • Think forward – high school isn’t forever.
  • Enjoy different points of view.
  • Have fun and be silly – that should be your goal for the next hundred years.
  • Be yourself!

So anyway… more ramblings on Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves and the teens in my life later. For today your assignment is to just be yourself, even if yourself is weird. Remember, if you are comfortable with yourself then you aren’t weird at all, everyone else is.

Have fun,

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

11 thoughts on “Keeping positive even when things are weird

  1. There’s an interesting article in The Telegraph where Julie Lynn Evans, a child psychologist, believes smart phones and similar devices and the Internet are making children mentally ill.

    • I always wonder why some kids get so wrapped up in one thing. We’ve seen it with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings too. They don’t see the difference between fiction and reality. It isn’t anything new but still odd and uncomfortable. It is enough to make me worry about a child I care about. I’ll check out the article. Thanks.

  2. When I saw the K-POP banner, I thought you were going to introduce us to a cool new radio station! If all it plays is Gangnam Style, though, I’m not interested! 🙂

  3. I’m over 50 and *I* want to be a K-POP star. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up but your advice for teens is excellent advice for adults.

    • Last year we spent an evening in a Korean Karaoke. We had so much fun. The K-Pop videos were sooooo silly and in high style. I think you could pull it off (minus the Catholic school girl with the over the knee socks look so many of the K-Pop girls wear.) But it was off the chart on the silly scale.

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