No return… or … What would you pack?

“Sometimes you just want to cook. You just want to order out for pizza or Chinese.”

“You could have freeze-dried pizza.”


We have all sorts of conversations at my house. Yes, if you go on a one way trip to Mars you’re going to miss a lot of things.

If you’re on a one way trip to anywhere you have to think about those things. Of course if it is a one way not of your choice, that my dear, is another situation altogether.

If you become a Vampire or a Werewolf that too is another situation. And don’t even get me started on Ghosts.

So you find yourself having to pack a bag to forever. Or just for a romantic get-away. What do you bring?

If you packed a bag to nowhere or to everywhere or to paradise what would you bring? What would you pack for a trip to Hell?



The other day my brother Max came to visit. He threw a bag on the guest room bed and opened a large black duffel bag. Out came a huge plastic bag full of bones covered with bits of flesh and drenched in blood.

“What the crap is that?” I had to ask.

He gave me a look like I was stupid. “Dog treats.”

“Max I have dog food.”

“Not like this.”

I noticed some weapons too but I didn’t say anything. He hunts Vampire hunters and rogue Vampires and other unsavory things that need to be dealt with. He is one of those gorgeous masculine alpha uber Vampire guys. You know the type. He is such a guy. If half the woman who drool after him knew he kept giant dog bones in his bags they’d have second thoughts.

There are those who take a week to pack. I don’t understand that one unless I’m going overseas. I usually take about 20-30 minutes tops to pack for a trip (almost as long as I take to write a blog post.)

“What else do you have in there?”

He smiled and pulled out an ornate thermoplastic case.

“Remember these guys?”

“Oh God, yes.”



We laughed and threw around a bunch of stories from our childhood. You have a lot of stories and trips and bags to pack and unpack. Considering that Max is 165 years old and I’m ten years younger, that makes for a lot of stories. We’re young in Vampire terms but we’ve put in a lot of adventure and packed a lot of bags.

We try to avoid the emotional baggage, but somethings are good to carry around with you. Like a really good lip gloss or a photo of old friends.

And there are trips of no return – like a kiss and falling in love. But that is another blog post…

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman




10 thoughts on “No return… or … What would you pack?

  1. This post was wonderfully entertaining and made me think in ways I’ve not ventured into before. All the scenarios of “what would you pack if you were going to …” had me sitting back and mulling over the answers.
    And personally, if someone brought my hound a present like your brother brought you, I’d be over the moon with gratitude. Now that’s a fellow who can see into the soul of a desperate dog.
    Great post! Cheers


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